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Ahhhhh Birthdays! You gotta love ‘em!

For most people the only thing better than their own birthday is the birthday of their child! Such excitement and so much commitment to making their birthday party the very best for both them, their friends and family members.

In these days of Instagram (teens read: “ig”, young millennials: “insta”, old millennials: “gram”), it’s not enough to have just a sweet, fun party. After all, if it isn’t on ig/insta/gram, it didn’t happen. That’s why we have a whole bunch of pinata game ideas and what could photograph better?

All of this brings us to the subject of themes. 

Themed birthday parties are definitely in, and you, as parents, are expected to come up with a really good theme idea to keep everyone happy. Here to help you along, we’ve listed our favorite themes, they’re in no particular order but our most favorite just happens to be on the top:

• Dinosaurs
• Boho Rainbow Party
• Tik Tok Party
• Safari Party
• Butterfly Party
• Fairy Party
• Garden Party
• 60s Party / 70s Party
• Space Party
• Fiesta Party
• Fruit Party
• Star Wars Party
• Unicorn Party

And of course, a party is not a party without games. Again, to help you out we’ve prepared a list of our favorites and yes, you guessed it, our most favorite is on the top:

• Pinata: Pinata ideas for birthday parties to follow together with birthday pinata rules
• Treasure Hunt
• Musical Chairs
• Pin the Tail on the Donkey
• Pass the Parcel
• Egg Toss
• Egg & Spoon Race
• Sack Race
• Wheelbarrow Race
• Duck Duck Goose
• Balloon Relay Race

So, let’s say we’ve decided on the theme of our party “dinosaurs” and the game that is going to keep everyone busy for the longest time… the dino pinata. Here are lots of pinata ideas for birthday parties par excellence!

First we need to decide on:

• The decoration (all of which can be ordered online at any of the party stores)
• The food (kids love all the dirty stuff – come to that, so do the adults), you know like, dino poop, dinosaur toe nails, dino dirt and dino eggs.

Now it’s time for some fun pinata game ideasWHAT DO WE PUT IN THE PINATA? Follow our birthday pinata rules and you won’t go wrong.

A lot of what you put in the pinata depends on your personal preference, firstly, how often you want to take your kids to the dentist and secondly, how popular you want to be with the other parents. 

We’ve divided it up into 5 sections and you can choose from each section what you’d like to use. 

Read to the end though because we’ve got a bonus idea for you. 🙂

No. 1
Following is a chart of the candies or candy alternatives you can choose  to put in your pinata. We’ve given you 2 categories and you can follow either or do a combination of both.

Now that the sweet treats are out of the way, let’s concentrate on other goodies you can put in the pinata.

No. 2
• Bouncy Balls – They go absolutely crazy when they fall from the pinata

No. 3
• Temporary Tattoos
• Plastic animals
• Slinkies
• Mini bubbles
• Finger puppets
• Silly putty
• Toy cars
• Mini tops
• Rubber duckies

No. 4
• Pencils
Mini notepads

No. 5
• Hair Ties
• Hair Bows or clips
• Rings
• Beaded necklaces
• Sunglasses

So here’s the bonus…

We know where you can actually buy a dinosaur pinata which will be the piece de resistance of your dinosaur themed party. Not only is this pinata super cute but it also comes with instructions and everything you need to make a great treasure hunt. 

So, once the pinata has been busted and the kids have gathered up all their goodies (the bouncing balls will make it really amusing), you can gather all the guests up for further fun. 

All that’s left is for us to wish you luck and remind you to take lots and lots of photos to post on Instagram!



All those futuristic movies and novels were almost like premonitions of the future when you look back on them from today’s perspective.

As a big kid, (dad & grandad, we’re talking to you here), you may be questioning which are the best robot toys for kids these days (that you can play with as well, of course).

Our kids are introduced to robots in many ways today. Probably their first sight is in an animated movie. Although robots are not yet part of every household, they still capture the imagination of kids of ALL ages.

As with most things, it’s our kids who are leading the way in introducing new ideas into our lives and this is never more true than when they are choosing the next most exciting STEM game or toy. And need we say it, but robot toys for boys and girls are right there at the top of the list.

While it’s true that classic toys are always making a comeback, or never actually go away, our kids still keep up with the times, with new and advanced games. Toys like Mr. Potato Head and Spirograph are still popular but the latest toys taking the school playground by storm are robots and robotic toys. 

When choosing robot toys for 8 year olds you’ll find a market full of wonderfully diverse robot toys for boys and girls just waiting to be picked.

If you are looking to purchase robot toys for 8 year olds, you obviously want something which is age appropriate. At this age you should be looking towards STEM toys as much as possible because let’s face it, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are our children’s way to a successful future and their future starts at home with mom & dad, siblings, grandma & grandpa, family and friends. These are not always popular subjects with children, particularly those that struggle with math and science. That’s why this is an ideal birthday gift from parents, grandparents and friends.

Start early – Introduce your child to their first robot asap. They will progress from stage to stage and as they do, their thirst for learning robotics will heighten. As robotics and technology are two of the fastest-growing industries in the world, this is a good place to aim your child – taking into account please friends, that each child is an individual!

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics may not drum up images of fun times for a lot of us but when you put that all together in STEM toys, you’ll be amazed at just how much pleasure young people get out of playing with a robot which, by the way, is teaching them those very STEM subjects.

You should be looking for a robot toy created around a STEM learning system and at this age, building, taking apart and rebuilding are an essential part of your child’s playtime. Among other things, it encourages the development of fine motor skills, dexterity and strength in the fingers. Not only that, they are developing new cognitive skills, problem solving techniques and new levels of creativity at every turn. 

So learning robotics isn’t just about steering your child in the direction of STEM subjects, it equips them with technical and problem-solving skills they’ll need for education, work and life in general.

Playing with robots has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety and to improve attention span. Children see technology as fundamentally “human” and they will often describe robots as reassuring and supportive. 

But not just any old robot will do. Look for something versatile and exciting to keep your child’s curiosity peaked. This is our favorite but we leave it up to you to decide for yourself. Try to find a robot toy that has more than one option of assembly and appearance. This will ensure a toy that can be built and dismantled many times and will keep the excitement flowing for a lot longer. 

Don’t forget that when your child is enjoying him/herself they are taking in far more knowledge than simply sitting facing their teacher. At the end of the day, you want a child who is self-motivated to learn and this is exactly what happens when it’s up to them how they want to play.


Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? Kids of all ages (and adults) are fascinated with them! 

Dinosaur eggs? They’re not only fun and fascinating for kids, but they are also educational and can enhance a child’s imagination. From these toys kids can learn about the Mesozoic period in which the dinosaurs lived including the Jurassic, Triassic, and Cretaceous Periods, and the different species of dinosaurs that roamed the earth millions of years ago, in the most interactive way possible. One of the most exciting ways we’ve found  to incorporate fun in learning about these majestic prehistoric creatures is to introduce dinosaur eggs toys.

So what makes these dino eggs toys special? They will spur your little one’s creative imagination and help them develop problem-solving, logical thinking and motor skills. Let your dinosaur lover child learn to count, match and recognize colors using the 12 life-like prehistoric Dinosaur eggs.

These toys spark your kid’s curiosity and interest as they participate in pretend play alone or with friends. What a great way to introduce your kids to science, history, archaeology and paleontology while improving hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and vocabulary among other things. 

Dino eggs toys will keep your kids truly focused as they dig into the fossilized egg and search for the baby dinosaur. Because these toys promote so much fun, kids won’t even notice they are learning and improving their skills.

So what are these dino eggs anyway? Check them out here. We love this option, you can buy a box of 12 dinosaur eggs as easily as going shopping at your supermarket online!   

Dino eggs are also a perfect idea for birthday parties both as an activity and as a favor. For less than $2 each, every child will receive an egg and you’ll have a surprising amount of quiet while they “hatch” their eggs, and learn all about their dinosaur from the fact card included in each egg. 

Teachers and kindergarten teachers, this is the perfect way to open a discussion about dinosaurs, fossils and geology with your class at whatever level is appropriate. Recommended for age 4+, you’ll find that kids right through to adults will enjoy this toy.  

Children love to make a mess when they play, and that’s another reason why these dinosaur eggs will definitely appeal to them. (Hint: Put down a plastic table cloth or newspaper before they start). The digging will not only heighten their interest and excitement, but it will also make them feel like a real paleontologist.

STEM toys like dinosaur eggs toys can reduce your kid’s screen time. We are all guilty of allowing our little ones to use electronic devices, to save them from boredom and to give us some time to tackle a chore or work on a deadline. But toys as interesting as these eggs will keep them happy and occupied for ages and off their screens. 

So, in conclusion: these STEM toys are not only fun and fascinating, but they also improve a child’s problem-solving skills, critical thinking, social and emotional intelligence, boost their confidence, and all in all, open a whole new world for them. With all these amazing benefits you are opening your kids to developing a positive attitude and outlook on life. The best part is, they have fun while learning and reaping all these essential benefits.


Your child has decided he/she wants a dinosaur themed birthday party! Now it’s up to you to make it special with dinosaur party decorations.

Following are our ideas for the perfect dinosaur birthday decorations and equally unique dinosaur party favors that will have the whole neighborhood buzzing about your little paleontologist’s birthday party.

There are lots of online stores selling dinosaur birthday decorations and dino place settings that can make your party preparation quick and easy and Google is the perfect place to start. 

In this blog we’ll take you on a journey of do-it-yourself options that don’t require any special skills and won’t break the bank. Hint: YouTube has hundreds of videos you can source, but here are some of our favorites: So let’s begin:


You could invest in some dino banners


You could try this: (It’s a great project to do with the kids)

• Draw, trace or print the image of a dinosaur - make it as large or as small as you please.
• Something like this is perfect in any size
• Now decorate it using torn up magazines or other decorative papers & glue, coloring, painting or whatever else you love to do with the kids.
• Using Blu Tack, attach the dinosaur poster to the wall.


If you’re thinking of having a pinata at this party, what could be better than a dinosaur pinata? Lots of fun and this particular one also has a treasure hunt so it really can be the focus of the party with an activity that kids absolutely love.


Use store bought dinosaur shaped helium balloons


• Get some regular balloons
• Fill with helium
• Hang pictures of T-Rex, Tyrannosaurus, Velociraptors and other favorite species from the bottom of the balloon.

The result is a whole herd of dinosaurs floating freely above everyone’s head and for a fraction of the price of the store bought kind!


Decorate your table in dino style. 

Purchase a set of dinosaur themed tableware online 


• Cover the table with a piece of burlap
• Add leaves and other foliage.
• Place dino stickers on plain white paper cups & plates.
You decide in which direction to take this party decor.
• If you’re too busy or if planning a party makes you stressful - go for the quick and easy decoration route and order online. You and the kids won’t enjoy the party if you’re stressed.
• If you love doing DIY, crafting or just hanging out doing cool stuff with the kids, go for the do-it-yourself option.
• You could, of course, do a combination of both.
Our aim is to help you make the best party for you and your child.

On a side note…


• Kids and adults will love the idea of dino poop cookies (made with Rice Krispies and chocolate).
• Lots of dinosaurs were herbivores so this is an excellent way to get the kids to act like dinosaurs and eat their veggies. You may find that dips help these go down especially well.
• Hard boiled eggs dyed in different colors make the perfect dino eggs.
• Chicken wings can be served up as Pterodactyl wings.
• Pretzels - dino bones.
• Corn chips or nacho chips - dino toe nails.


It’s here that we all need some help. Certainly you could buy some bags and fill them with lots of cheap toys and candies all of which may make you somewhat unpopular with the parents of your guests. 


You could pop into JitteryGit where you’ll find the most interesting dino favors. They’ll keep your guests entertained at home for hours and you’ll be a favorite among the parents.  

For less than $2 each, you can present your little guests with their own dino egg! The little archaeologists will dig into their fossilized eggs and every egg is guaranteed to hatch a dinosaur. Each egg comes with a matching information card and “build-your-dino” supplies.

However you decide to make this party – HAVE FUN!

Generally speaking kids simply love to receive presents especially when that gift equates to fun. However, for us, the givers, there is often a great deal of pressure when shopping for the ultimate choice. “Will they like my gift?” “Are these safe?” Will this toy provide any benefits to my child’s development?”  “He/she probably has one of these.” These are just some of the thoughts that may arise when hunting for that special item. Unlike years ago, we have the benefit of the insight of the internet to help us to find the very best  STEM learning toys that are not only fun and engaging but are also considered fundamental tools for a child’s development.

STEM learning toys make a great gift because they not only answer the question of will it be fun but they are designed to nurture and develop curiosity in every child. 

STEM gifts  are a great way to establish stronger bonds between a parent and their child, and establishing friendships between siblings, or friends of similar ages. 

Following are just some of the further benefits of these types of games and toys:

Learning becomes fun and interactive
Enhanced divergent thinking
Imbibes creativity
Imbibes creativity
Develops hand-eye coordination functions
Promotes spatial skills
Improves problem solving skills
Improves fine motor skills

Do your research into the correct toy according to your child’s physical and emotional age. When you purchase these toys you’ll notice that they have been divided into age groups. This avoids the unnecessary frustrations of a child receiving a toy or game which is too young or too old for them and makes picking the ideal toy for your child a lot easier. 

You’ll find this strategy particularly helpful if you are looking for a gift for a child who belongs to the ‘middle” childhood age group. . 

As you can see from the title, this article about STEM gifts is geared towards 10+ year olds. It’s important to introduce STEM toys for 10 year olds that are unique and that you expect will open a new world of fun learning for them. You can take kids with a certain hobby to a new level by introducing a STEM toy which will enhance their interests.  One more thing to consider when choosing STEM toys for 10 year olds in particular but not limited to, is their personal leanings towards science, technology, engineering and math. But think about it… the key elements of STEM are present in almost everything we do from sewing and cooking to architecture and interior design, and everything in between. 

We hope we’ve given you a great insight into how to choose the best STEM toys. Following is our hand-picked selection of 7 of the best STEM toys that a 10-year old child will simply love.

Terrarium Kit for Kids - Most kids will find terrariums fascinating. This is also one way for them to learn, in the most interesting way, how plants grow and how to properly care for them.

Dinosaur Train Tracks - Kids of all ages seem to be fascinated with dinosaurs. And when you combine them with train tracks… Now that is something that will get them hooked.

Building Blocks - These toys are classic and are THE go-to STEM toys. However you need to remember that for 10 year olds, you need to go for building blocks that are a tad challenging.

DIY Science Kit - There are several Science kits out in the market. These kits consist of different science experiments that are challenging and at the same time fun and engaging.

DIY Robots - Playing with toy robots can help in nurturing a child’s creative mind and is a great introduction to technology. Since this toy requires their full attention, it will also help them learn to focus.

Coding Starter Kits - Get your kids interested in coding. This toy will help raise their interest in Math, improve their problem solving skills, computational thinking and creativity.

Now that we have narrowed down your choices, all you have to do is go online and search for toy brands that make the best STEM toys mentioned above. Remember that STEM toys are not just for learning, but they are also very engaging for kids and parents. You will learn more about your child’s interests by getting involved in their day-to-day activities. Best of all, by providing them with the right tools, you will help boost their confidence in reaching their dreams!

As parents, we want to provide only the best for our kids, especially when it comes to providing them with what they need in their developmental years. Exposing them to an environment where their physical and mental progress will be nurtured is crucial. This means, allowing them to discover toys that are not only fun and exciting but can also contribute to their overall well-being. 

The majority of parents have already heard of stem building toys or STEM toys, it’s an acronym that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. These toys not only bring happiness, but they live up to their name. They are proof that education goes beyond the four walls of the classroom. STEM building toys can be classified under different age groups making it easy for parents to provide their children with these educational toys which relate to their age or developmental progress. 

Before we dive into the discussion of STEM toys for 6 year old children, let’s learn more about STEM toys in general. As mentioned above these toys are highly beneficial for kids in their developmental years. 

These are high quality toys and one could find it intimidating to begin investing in STEM toys, so let’s do our research first.

Here’s a rundown of just some of the advantages of STEM toys:

1. Improve problem-solving skills and logical reasoning

2. Enhance creativity

3. Fortify cognitive skills

4. Establish collaborative skills

5. Promote social engagement

6. Enhance eye-hand coordination

7. Foster leadership at a young age

Going back to our topic of age-appropriate / development-appropriate STEM toys, parents need to pay close attention to age range and/or your child’s developmental stage when shopping for toys. Instead of incorporating fun and learning, age/development inappropriate toys are likely to cause frustration  and will end up at the bottom of the toy box, disliked and unused. 

Now that would be a shame, wouldn’t it? To help you save time, effort, and money, we have hand-picked STEM toys for 6 year old kids as well as STEM toys for 5 year old children.

Introducing STEM toys to your children should be done gradually in order to gain a better perspective of your child’s preferences (after all – we can’t and don’t want to force them to do things they don’t like). 

Following are some great examples of STEM toys for 5 & 6 year old children from which you’re sure to find something that will not only appeal to your child but that will also be fun for you to be involved in.

Coding Games - Ideal for the boy or girl who loves gaming!

Building Games - For kids who love Lego, K’nex, Magnetic Building Blocks & more.

Chemistry Sets - Under this set of toys we would include cooking and baking.

Microscope - This is an age where curiosity abounds and seeing things which cannot be seen by the naked eye is absolutely fascinating! Especially fun for kids who love nature.

Robotics - When we were growing up this may have been the stuff of science fiction but now, more and more, robotics is entering our daily lives and your kids will love being a part of this essential science.

Robots in general encourage creativity, social interaction and learning in a fun way. They can also teach kids empathy. It’s a completely hands-on activity which nourishes their imagination and promotes out of the box thinking. 

Whatever kind of STEM toy you choose for your child, always

offer guidance. It’s okay for them to start by examining the game and understanding it at a basic level but you can add essential information which will enable them to take the game to the next level of understanding and education. Be sure to be engaged and initiate activities that are entertaining and diverse.

By now you must be excited to get online and choose the very best STEM toy for your child. This process can be overwhelming, so start at JitteryGit for the best choice of STEM toys for 5 year olds and STEM games for 6 year old children, JitteryGgit has a wide range of high-quality creative toys perfect for each age group.


STEM toys offer an excellent way for kids to learn, play, and build self-confidence while understanding the world better. Since everyone is looking to improve their children’s STEM skills, it’s a sure bet that educational toys are a welcome addition to any toy library.

Your budding scientist won’t know what to play with first!


Let’s talk about pinatas and unicorns and how these 2 iconic items have meshed together to become the next big thing in American birthday parties, especially for girls!

First a little about pinatas and mini unicorn pinatas in particular:

There are at least 2 theories surrounding the birth of the pinata and quite frankly, you can choose the one you like the most because for our purposes, both are equally entertaining.

1. The Aztec Origin

Apparently, the Aztecs used a container similar to the piñata in their celebration of the birth of the god Huitzilopochtli. This involved a feather-covered pot which was filled with small treasures and hit with a stick so that its contents spilled at the feet of the idol.

2. The Chinese Origin

It’s said that Marco Polo saw the Chinese pinata and brought it back to Italy. The Chinese version was typically a hollowed out effigy of a farm animal and filled with seeds. The Italians called it a pignatta and the game was played by Roman soldiers who would hang clay pots and try to hit the pots with their swords while blindfolded. This game spread to Spain where it became a Lenten tradition. Mexico’s first documented piñata goes back to the 16th Century.

Pick your favorite version and then we can go on to talking about unicorns.

So, no one has ever proven the existence of unicorns. Scientists maintain that unicorns are not real and that they are part of mythology. (You may want to ask your 5 year old about this and I’m sure you’ll get an entirely different answer). In any event, the first known writings about unicorns go back to the ancient Greeks in the 4th Century BCE.

Cultures all around the world have stories of unicorns from China, to India, to Africa, the Middle East and, of course, the United States. You may also like to ask “if they’re not real then why is there an organization called The Unicorn Rescue Society?” Look it up, it’s real! 


Kids absolutely loooooove unicorns. Unicorns are so much fun! They are protectors and reliable friends who accompany kids in enchanted forests, mysterious castles, fight against ogres, and yet they are delicate fairies that talk to stars and listen to kids’ inner secrets. They’re fantastical and magical, they have healing powers and, best of all, they poop ice cream and rainbows.

Unicorns are all that’s pure, beautiful, and magical in the world, just like children. It’s only natural for them to have an unbreakable bond!

So, how did we get a rainbow unicorn pinata from these 2 historical entities? It’s very simple. You put some really clever people in a room and ask them to combine 2 of history’s favorite things and this is what you get.

Colorful * Fun * Loud * Pretty

When you go to a little kids’ birthday party, you’re going to expect a seriously cool mini unicorn pinata, that’s just the way it is now. And if your kid is on trend, they probably want a unicorn pinata at their party and nothing else is going to do.

This classic birthday game gets the guests up and moving, encourages them to cheer on their friends, and takes up plenty of time while keeping them busy. True, the sugar rush they get from all the candy inside may come back to bite us later, (feel free to substitute with healthy snacks and little inexpensive toys instead) in any case, there’s nothing better than watching the kids have fun.

JitteryGit has taken the pinata to the next level. 

When all the kids have taken their turn at trying to break open the pinata and the candies and treats have finally fallen to the floor and been scooped up by all… things continue to get interesting.

In every JitteryGit pinata is the added bonus of a well designed and fun treasure hunt. You get a full set of instructions and clues and the kids will go wild with excitement!

So now you know why rainbow unicorn pinatas are so important at kids’ birthday parties you can join in with this fun trend and enjoy watching as they have a ball.

It’s that time of year again… 2 months before your child’s birthday and you’re wracking your brain trying to come up with the ultimate birthday party idea that isn’t going to break the bank.

As ideas flit in and out of your brain, all you can think is “been there… done that!” Well, here’s an idea that you haven’t seen rehashed hundreds of times.

The Theme - Dinosaurs
The Main Activity - THE DINOSAUR PINATA!

Not just any dino pinata, mind you! It’s not just about bashing the living daylights out of a dinosaur. After all the treats have been picked up, it’s time to follow our dino pinata on a very merry treasure hunt.

To create this amazing party:


Green & Khaki – Representing the jungle


Find some big tropical leaves – real or fake – and place them behind the food table.

Look online for dinosaur place settings – there are plenty out there.

You can also find some fun dino cutouts that you can hang up – you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Cover your table with burlap or simply buy a dino themed table cloth when you get your cups, plates and napkins.

Buy dinosaur figures which will sit on the food table looking after all the dino nosh! Your kid will love playing with these at the end of the party and they’ll be a constant reminder of the best party ever.


For those of you looking to save some bucks and do it yourself, simply make a large rectangular chocolate cake.

Cover with chocolate icing and add some crushed Oreos to create the dirt. 

Place a plastic dinosaur on the top.

Add a little edible glitter (‘cos let’s face it, glitter makes a party sparkle)



THE LARGE DINOSAUR PINATA – A really fun spin on the traditional pinata

Big, green and a sight to be seen!

Complete with:

– Large Dinosaur Piñata
– Dino Egg (which just so happens to be a mini piñata)
– Blindfold
– Bat 

Plus this dinosaur pinata comes with a set of directions and a clue sheet for the best treasure hunt ever.


Fill the pinata with candy and small treats

Hang it at a height suitable for your guests.

Blindfold the first contestant

Place the stick in his/her hand and let them swipe at the pinata.

Each turn lasts for as long as it takes to sing the pinata song:

Dale dale dale, no pierdas el tino,
Porque si lo pierdes, pierdes el camino.
Ya le diste uno,
Ya le diste dos,
Ya le diste tres y tu tiempo se acabó.
Which loosely translates as:
Hit-it hit-it hit-it, don’t lose your aim,
Now you’ve hit it once,
Now you’ve hit it twice,
Now you’ve hit it three times,
And your time is up.

TIP: Because you want the pinata to last at least until all the kids have had a try, let the smallest ones go first because there’s less chance of them breaking it.

When the pinata finally breaks, allow the kids to scoop up all the goodies.

Now you can start on the treasure hunt!

We think you’ll agree that this will be one of the most successful birthday parties ever!

Good luck and let us know how it went.

Finding the right toy for your child.

Toddlers love everything to do with dinos. Everything! Some of the things they love  are toys, and your kids simply love to play with them. These games draw your kiddos right into their very own prehistoric world for hours of imaginative fun. 

Chances are that you barely remember what you had for dinner last night, but your dinosaur-obsessed child is capable of rattling   off the difference between the diplodocus and the mamenchisaurus, and will no doubt tell you, with great confidence, that the velociraptor was a feathered carnivore with enlarged claws. 

It’s no surprise, then, that these same kids are enamored of cool, big dinosaur toys and figures. Dinosaur figures provide children with tools to learn about our extinct friends while encouraging the art of make-believe. The best dinosaur toys are ferocious and powerful, and capture the imaginations of children across most age groups and most cultures.

It’s kind of amusing in a way, how these enormous, powerful, and fierce dinosaurs are so exciting and yet so relatable to children. In the case of dinosaur toys for 4 year olds or dinosaur toys for toddlers and in fact, kids of any age, both boys and girls enjoy playing with them. It’s not gendered and that’s a really good thing.

Dinosaur toys for toddlers stand the test of time. After all, so many kids are captivated by all things prehistoric and love to educate their adults about the differences between a T-rex and a triceratops. This passion for paleontology often coincides with a toddler’s first venture into imaginative play, usually between the ages of 1 and 3. Among their many benefits, dinosaur-themed items introduce young people to the concept of world history, different eco-systems, geography, geology and a great deal more. If you can remember your own dinosaur interest as a child, you can use this as an opportunity to bond with your mini-me while watching a classic movie like “A Land Before Time”.

Their wall-to-wall love of dinosaurs can make it difficult to sort through the options and find the best dinosaur toys for toddlers based on your kid’s interest, especially if you, yourself, aren’t an expert on prehistoric animals. 

When choosing the best dinosaur toys, use your common sense:

Pick the right toy for your child’s level of cognitive development.

Make sure the toy is neither too challenging nor too simplistic. These scenarios could cause your child to feel either overwhelmed or bored. Go with the flow! If your child’s preference is puzzles, get him one; if she’s into action figures, go with those.

It’s really not hard to see why toddler boys and girls alike are so infatuated with dinosaurs.They seem like something from a fairy tale or out of a mythical land … but they are (or at least they were) real.

They’re scary, powerful, and huge … but they’re also safe, because everybody knows that they all died out a long, long time ago. 

Every child has a favorite toy – something they cling to for comfort and joy. When the movie Jurassic Park popularized dinosaurs, it had a big impact on the toy manufacturing industry. Suddenly, dinosaur toys were everywhere and kids couldn’t get enough of them. 

Kids, young and old  were bewildered by the variety, and the Christmas rush felt a lot like the film itself: a terrifying chase by parents and grandparents through stores, or more conveniently, online, fighting to find the perfect and most suitable dino gift for that special boy or girl in their life.

So, if you’re looking for a toy that will help teach and reinforce some early childhood concepts in addition to being fun, look no further, JitteryGit has some great dino toys that fit the bill. Welcome to our site and inspire future paleontologists, or just have a roaring good time, with our selection of the best dinosaur toys ever!

Many people, especially young children, are fascinated by toys and objects that glow. There is something about that magical moment, as night approaches when the toy suddenly comes to life in the dark. It’s such a thrill and makes kids passionate about playing with their glow in the dark toys.

Most toys are, of course, fun on their own, but add the additional glow effect and WOW, you’ve got your kids’ attention for hours of exciting play, day and night!

Toys that “light up” in the dark increase their playing time (it even enables them to momentarily forget about their electronic screens). In the colder and darker months, they may head to a friend’s basement where a glow in the dark train track is set up. Countless hours can be spent in near darkness racing dino cars on the track, conveniently adjacent to a toasty warm heater. 

What beautiful memories these are! Playing in the dark under a blanket or blocking out all the daylight just so they can play with their glowing toys. Don’t forget… memories made in childhood will stay with them forever. Creating happy memories for your kids is one of the best things about being a parent. New research suggests it could also be one of the most important things we can do, because our fondest and most vivid childhood memories can stick with us for a lifetime.

So why are  glow in the dark toys so interesting for children? 

We can all agree that when the lights go out and these toys take on their glow, a kind of magic takes over the darkened room. With your child’s natural  imagination, they can enjoy hours of creepy fun with their favorite dinosaur glow toy.

If you’re looking for a glow toy that will allow your child to play even after darkness sets in, the best glow in the dark toys are a super option for kids and come with many benefits.

Firstly, they will help your child to feel more comfortable in a dark environment. These toys are a “consolation” to being stuck indoors in the dark evenings. They will make your children happy to enjoy their time indoors and they have the added advantage of reducing their fear of the dark. If your child is nervous or downright scared stiff of the dark, this is a fantastic way to show them that the dark can be a little less scary and actually be a very fantastical place. 

Glow toys are perfect gifts for all kids. There are all sorts of  glow toys available but the best glow in dark toys are those that are combined with your child’s favorite “regular” toys such as their  dinosaurs, trains and balls. Outdoor toys such as flying disks are a lot of fun for family time in the yard when the evenings are dark but the weather is fine.

Glow in the dark dinosaur toys are creative, and the perfect toy for imaginative play. They are  available for kids of all ages, from toddlers to teens, all of whom become fascinated by them as much as they are with glow in the dark toys of all types. 

These toys are simply special! They’ll play with them during the day and watch them come alive in the dark. 

It’s easy to get hooked on them and you’ll be surprised just  how quickly the kids are prepared to get into bed at night when they have a glow in the dark friend to go with them.

It’s Important to note that glow in the dark toys are safe to use for kids of all ages. They contain no harmful substances that could take a toll on your child’s health. These toys are made from a type of phosphors that is safe for use. So, rest assured your kids are in good hands when playing with these luminous  toys. 

A good toy can be responsible for a child enjoying their afternoon by themselves, with their parents or friends. A great glowing toy, however, is so much more, it extends their play time, lights up their imagination and provides exciting thrills long into the darkness of the evening. It is responsible for a whole childhood of fascination, adventure and years of learning and reaching new limits. With these toys they enter their own little world created entirely by them. We know that we have a very special Glow in the Dark Dinosaur Toy Train Track with its enchanting light up the night properties, which will keep your child interested for years to come.

Estudios afirman que uno de cada tres niños desarrolla un interés intenso por los dinosaurios. Estos imponentes animales prehistóricos se entienden como un tema conceptual que a menudo logra capturar la atención de los pequeños y los lleva a imaginar un mundo completamente nuevo.

Aprender sobre esta maravillosa especie se convierte casi en una obsesión para algunos niños, lo que no debe resultar para nada extraño ya que frecuentemente los niños se sienten supremamente atraídos por todo lo que representan estos feroces gigantes que alguna vez habitaron nuestro planeta.

El hecho de que no puedan verlos en un zoológico o interactuar con ellos como lo hacen con otros animales los vuelve aún más interesantes. Saber que existieron y que fueron los dueños de la tierra hace millones de años los convierte en un tema fascinante lleno de aventuras y secretos por descubrir.

Usualmente los niños manifiestan interés por los dinosaurios entre los dos y los seis años de edad, aunque en algunos pequeños el entusiasmo permanece por un periodo de tiempo más largo. Para los padres no existe una mejor alternativa que fomentar en ellos el conocimiento sobre este extraordinario mundo jurásico y ayudarlos a descubrir todo lo que pueden aprender sobre estas criaturas.

No pierdas la oportunidad de embarcarte en esa asombrosa aventura junto a tu hijo. Seguramente el camino traerá para ti también muchas sorpresas y nuevos aprendizajes.

Estos apasionantes reptiles despiertan asombro y una curiosidad desmedida, características imprescindibles al momento de pretender enseñarle a los niños sobre nuevos temas. Conocemos además los beneficios del juego para el aprendizaje y de esta forma llegamos a una de las fórmulas más efectivas para desarrollar habilidades cognitivas en los pequeños, los juguetes de dinosaurios.

Los juguetes de dinosaurios y sus beneficios

A través de estos juguetes los niños inventan en sus cabecitas fascinantes historias e interactúan con nuevos conceptos. Mediante las asociaciones que hacen con las características particulares de esta especie, pueden llegar a desarrollar nuevas áreas de su personalidad y esto puede ser altamente provechoso en términos sociales.

Además de esto, se sienten sumamente cautivados por conocer cada vez más sobre estos animales y es así como se sumergen en el campo de la investigación y logran entender que adquirir un nuevo conocimiento requiere cierto nivel de dedicación.

Aprender sobre dinosaurios mejora notablemente la capacidad de procesamiento de la información en los niños, los ayuda a tener una mayor capacidad de atención, fomenta la retentiva y la memoria, les plantea nuevas preguntas y los invita a encontrar respuestas, es así como se va desarrollando el conocimiento y el control de la realidad a través del pensamiento.

Los juguetes de dinosaurios son una efectiva manera de acercar más a los pequeños a ese mundo que tanto los seduce. En JitteryGit contamos con varios artículos de juguete inspirados en estos fenomenales reptiles, pensados para niños de todas las edades bajo la metodología STEM, lo que garantiza que no solo sean funcionales en cuestión de entretenimiento, sino que pueden llegar a ser supremamente educativos.

Aportar al proceso de desarrollo de los niños desde el juego es nuestra misión. Conoce el portafolio de productos increíbles que tenemos para esos pequeños humanos curiosos que se consideran unos apasionados de los dinosaurios haciendo clic aquí.

Piñata de dinosaurios. Un cumpleaños inolvidable

Cuando llega la hora de celebrar una fecha especial para los pequeños, es un momento en el que necesariamente debemos acudir a esos temas o personajes que logran fascinarlos y hacer que sus ojitos brillen de emoción. Si tu hijo ya se mostró interesado hacia estos asombrosos animales prehistóricos, tenemos también la mejor opción para complementar una perfecta decoración de dinosaurios para cumpleaños.

Nuestra piñata de dinosaurio es un elemento imprescindible para una celebración temática de dinosaurios verdaderamente épica. Un kit completo con todo lo necesario para ese momento tan esperado por los niños en una fiesta de cumpleaños.

Si estás pensando en decoración de dinosaurios para cumpleaños no dejes nuestra piñata por fuera de la lista. Podemos garantizarte que será la sensación de la fiesta y que los niños realmente enloquecerán de felicidad. Además de ser divertida, la piñata de dinosaurio de JitteryGit puede ser educativa, su contenido también trae una invitación a una aventura de búsqueda de un tesoro escondido que involucrará a los niños en una actividad de grupo en la que deberán investigar y trabajar juntos para descubrir una nueva sorpresa.

Encuentra ahora también el catálogo de JitteryGit en

You might be surprised to learn that magnetic building blocks have been labeled as one of the top stem toys for 3 year olds. Research has shown that when playing with magnetic block toys development of social skills, abstract thinking, creativity, mathematical thinking and literacy is vastly supported.

Magnetic blocks are a dynamic and frustration-free way to engage your young builder. As a welcome addition to any play area, magnetic dinosaur building blocks unlock your child’s power to explore, imagine, and create encouraging hands-on learning through play. 

If you are looking for something to inspire unlimited creative skills and to foster your child’s imagination, there’s nothing quite as positive as  playing with magnetic block toys.

So What are the Benefits of Magnetic Blocks?

Firstly, kids love them and when they love a certain toy they will play with them over and over again. They will find hundreds of ways to use them and combine them with their favorite toys such as their dinosaur figures to reach imaginative heights.

Additionally, magnetic building blocks offer children the opportunity to use and develop a whole range of skills. They are an open-ended construction toy that really gets your child thinking.

Here are some of the ways magnetic stackable toys contribute to your child’s developmental skills:

Spatial Reasoning - Your child will develop the ability to build two and three-dimensional shapes which allows them to visualize three-dimensional creations and learn about mathematical and spatial relationships. At first they may notice the difference between two stacks of blocks (i.e., one tower has more blocks than the other). As children get older, they may begin learning other math skills through block play.

Shape Recognition - This includes patterning skills & learning about symmetry.

Building and Construction Skills & Architecture - Kids find new and inventive ways to use blocks to create interesting types of construction such as barns, castles or a dog house.

Building Basic, Simple Machines - Ramps are a common childhood creation with blocks. They can be your child’s first introduction into gravity: ramp + hot wheels = extra acceleration.
Fine Motor Skills - Using blocks helps children develop basic dexterity that will aid them later in school and beyond.

Problem Solving Skills - Many challenges may arise that will require their problem-solving skills. For example, why does the structure keep falling over?

Sorting and Stacking Teaches Balance and Symmetry - Your child may not necessarily grasp the why, but he or she will quickly learn that stacking blocks in a certain way leads them to fall down.

Creativity and Imagination - Challenges the child's creative building and enhances cognitive processes.

Hand-Eye Coordination - They need to use small movements to connect the magnetic pieces. This strengthens eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.

Concentration - Your child's building progress takes practice, focus, and perseverance, all essential elements of developing powers of concentration.

Teaches Magnetic Principals - These blocks are an excellent first introduction to the fascinating world of magnets.

Open-Ended Constructive Play - While creating and building they are connecting and interacting with their environment with imagination and creativity.

Independent Play - These blocks are captivating enough that kids can independently experience the joy of building. Meanwhile, creating a masterpiece of their dreams without interruptions.

Perfect For Group Play - In a group, magnetic blocks for toddlers or older kids are fun and collaborative. Kids improve their social skills by learning to share and cooperate.

Quality Time With Your Child - Spending time together playing is essential. It helps children to feel more confident, secure, and builds stronger family bonds.

And last but not least: No Electronics - No Batteries - No Screens

It is so vital for kids to have time away from electronics. Magnetic stem toys for 3 year olds are fun and engaging so that kids look forward to the time away from the screen.

Need we say more?

In conclusion, magnetic building toys foster STEM skills in an intriguing and fun way for kids. Magnets are fascinating, and children naturally love exploring how things work. Children are curious, so they ask a lot of questions during play, which enhances their journey of discovery. Through magnetic play, they can experiment with math concepts like geometry, spatial reasoning, balance, scale, and symmetry. Additionally, magnetic toys for building offer an introduction to basic engineering and 3D construction.

Moreover, playing together with your child can vastly improve their social skills. Choosing to purposely develop social skills at an early age helps them learn to create relationships with other children that can lead to a greater chance of creating long lasting friendships.

Allow your child play, explore, experiment, discover, and create with DinoBlox

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