Jul, 2022

“It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.” 

No way is your little unicorn fan going to have to say that at her party!

As parents, we want nothing more than to give our little girls the best, most enjoyable, most beautifully decorated party in the whole wide world and nothing can beat the unicorn theme for the selection, color and sheer joy invoked by unicorn birthday decorations.

If you’re planning your daughter’s next birthday party, come in close because we’re going to reveal some very interesting tidbits that you may not have thought about.

Unicorn birthday decorations can get pricey so we include lots of ready to use decorations and lots of easy to make decorations. As long as you have lots of color, lots of glitter, and ice cream, you’re already on the way to a truly successful party.

SOOOO… watch this space ‘cos unicorn birthday party ideas are coming fast and furious.

You can’t have a unicorn themed birthday party without:

• Unicorn food
• Unicorn decor
• Unicorn cake
• Rainbow colors
• Glitter

You don’t have to have…

• A pony dressed up with a horn

Feel free to choose any number of our suggestions for unicorn birthday party ideas or just ignore them all together and only use them as an ideas board to create your own. 

We believe that the best way to decorate in a meaningful way is to divide the space to be decorated into smaller areas which will take on their own personality. This is especially important when talking about unicorn birthday party ideas because as everyone knows, every single unicorn has a unique personality of his/her own.


Your little princess will stand out in the crowd in a unicorn party dress! Perfect for photo opportunities and she’ll love to keep it in her dress-up box where she can relive the party whenever she likes.


Make sure your guests are dressed for the occasion with unicorn horns and tails which they receive at the door. All this you should include in unicorn party invites they’ll receive.


Quick and easy to set up, you can cover a whole wall with pretty sheer curtains and enormous paper, multi-colored flowers. All this is reusable and can be used for all sorts of other party themes such as princess and mermaid and can also be utilized for baby showers and bachelorette parties.


• Remember that unicorns live under rainbows so this is a great opportunity to dress your table with a rainbow made of colored balloons. Can’t manage a rainbow, don’t worry – simply by placing lots of colored balloons you’ll make your point. This is also a great place to showcase unicorn dandruff (otherwise known as glitter).

• Of course your table will include popular unicorn snacks such as multi-colored marshmallows, lots of veggies (because they are a type of horse, after all), unicorn poop (otherwise known as ice cream) and lots more. 

• Don’t forget the cake. Feel free to go all out and buy a unicorn cake from your favorite baker or else buy a sheet cake from the supermarket and cover it with all the unicorn cake decorations you can find (well… not all of them because there really are a whole lot out there).


• Find your Unicorn Name
• Unicorn Coloring Pages
• Make a Magic Unicorn Necklace
• Embellish your Favor Bag
• Make Your Own Unicorn Horn
• Make Unicorn Slime
• Pin the Horn on the Unicorn
• Unicorn Photo Booth
Unicorn Pinata

Instructions for all these games can be found on YouTube.

As we said earlier, these are just suggestions and you will make a party which suits your little girl and her preferences. 

And if unicorns are not her thing and she prefers a more robust creature such as a dinosaur – you can check out the dinosaur option here and build your party from these fun dinosaur games.

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