Get These Unicorn Party Supplies & Ideas for a Magical Birthday Bash

Aug, 2022

Is your daughter’s birthday coming up? 

Celebrate with a magical unicorn birthday party. Why?

Because when it comes to throwing an enchanting birthday party, unicorns never go out of style.

Whether your little one can’t stop talking about “My Little Pony” or simply loves dreaming of sparkly, mythical creatures, they’ll delight in a unicorn-themed birthday party put together with loving care.

These easy unicorn theme birthday party decorations and ideas will help you throw an unforgettable bash!

Lucky for you, planning a unicorn birthday party is nowhere near as difficult as actually finding a unicorn. Read on for tips on how to plan a magical event just as special as the birthday girl.

The magical essentials: Unicorn-themed birthday party decorations

The best thing about unicorns? They capture the imagination. As you plan a unicorn-themed birthday party, aim to recreate that element of wonder and amazement. Here are a few unicorn standards you’ll want to include in your kid’s special day:

• Rainbows – By this, we mean all the colors. Every single one! Think sprinkles, confetti, rainbow props, and multicolored balloons. The more color, the better.

• Clouds – Of course, you can’t have a rainbow without some happy clouds. They’re fun. They’re fluffy. They keep the decor cute and cheerful.

• Glitter – Anything that shines and sparkles is a unicorn theme staple. Whether you take on the challenge of actual glitter crafts is up to you, but shiny, sparkly, iridescent gold and silver are your best friends here.

• Pastel blue, pink, and purple – These gentle, undeniably pretty shades echo a unicorn’s multicolor mane and set the tone for a whimsical day.

• Stars and moons – Get a little intergalactic with twinkling lights and celestial shapes as whimsical and otherworldly as unicorns themselves.

These are just some of the can’t-do-without elements that’ll make a unicorn-themed party sparkle and shine. But what if you want to add some extra-special touches to your party? With just a little imagination you can really bring this party theme to life. Start by customizing your color scheme.

Set the scene

Choosing a theme and a color scheme is half the magical battle. It’s time to find some unicorn party supplies that are just as wondrous and majestic as your kid. Here are some of our favorites:

• Unicorn adornments – Let your little guests don their unicorn finest with enchanting wearables and embellishments, such as unicorn horn party hats, a set of unicorn tattoos, or some unicorn hair slides to bedazzle their own beautiful manes.

• Unicorn props – To give the party that fantastical atmosphere, you’ll need some unicorn-worthy party props. Set the stage with some magical unicorn foil balloons. If it’s within your budget, a unicorn garland, or a dainty and delightful pink tassel garland would really set the theme.

• Unicorn cake decor – Just like the unicorn’s horn, the birthday cake will need something special to top it all off. Try a unicorn glitter candle or some unicorn & rainbow acrylic cake toppers.

• Unicorn tableware – Set the birthday table with some winged unicorn napkins, a rainbow-inspired set of unicorn themed plates and cups, and shimmering silver wooden cutlery.

• Unicorn pinata – Another fun activity – and a party classic – kids will love bursting a candy-filled unicorn pinata. Swinging at the unicorn piñata will be a huge hit at your daughter’s party.

Send your party guests home with unicorn party favors that will make them gleefully remember the best party ever!

Create your own magic with unicorn-themed activities

What’s one way to make your unicorn party extra special? Keep small hands busy and spark your guests’ creativity with some unique ideas using unicorn party supplies. Here are some ideas we love:

Unicorn paper plate masks – For youngsters who love to play pretend, this unicorn mask craft is an easy and fun way to DIY your unicorn dress-up. Supply some feather boas and sequin scarves, and put on a unicorn fashion show.

Unicorn slime jars – To keep the magic going, we love the idea of a craft that’s just as much fun to play with as it is to make. (Note: This craft is best for unicorn-loving guests who are old enough to handle a pair of scissors and some glue.)

Unicorn puppets – If you’ve got some crafty, natural-born performers in attendance, this activity is bound to be a hit. Let party guests decorate unicorn cutouts with glitter pens, ribbons, markers, crayons, yarn, googly eyes, and stickers—and glue a large popsicle stick to the back. When they’re all done and the glue is dry, it’s time for them to put on a captivating puppet show. Make sure you have your camera ready. 

Unicorn party favors Sending guests home with goodie bags are welcome extras at any party. Pick up some colorful paper bags and decorate away with unicorn stickers, glitter and confetti. (Or purchase them). Stuff the bags with inexpensive toys, unicorn-shaped cookie cutters or colorful homemade candies.

Themed birthday parties don’t have to be time consuming nor overly expensive. Some lovely themed decorations, a couple of games, maybe some crafts, and a pretty unicorn cake is all it takes to make a magical unicorn birthday party bash for your little girl.

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