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How to Create the Best Unicorn Birthday Party Ever

Jun, 2022

MAGIC! That is the first ingredient of the special and exceptional unicorn birthday party you want to host for your little unicorn fan. Following are a number of unicorn birthday party ideas to make your unicorn party one to be remembered.


Meet your guest sparkles (sparkles are young unicorns) with a unicorn horn and tail so they can get into the magic spirit as soon as they walk in the door. 

Turning your little party goers into unicorns with styrofoam horns and pom pom tails will have them trotting into the mood before you know what’s happened. No time to craft? Not a problem, unicorn accessories are everywhere on the internet and in your favorite stores.


Whatever decor you may choose for your unicorn party, whether homemade or shop bought, simply make sure it’s in rainbow colors and has lots of glitter. 

Nothing says “Welcome to my unicorn birthday party!” like a room exploding with color and glitter.


Get them involved in your party with an arts and crafts table with lots of colored stickers, colored paper, glitter, glue (preferably the glittery kind), paint, colored pencils, colored pens and ribbons. 

Have them make their own horns and tails or color in a picture of a unicorn that you provide.

The options for unicorn birthday party ideas are endless.


This colorful decoration is a super engaging activity with a happy ending of treats and little toys that they can take home with them. 

Prepare pretty unicorn colored scarves to hide their eyes and have your party guests take turns (youngest first because they are least likely to break the pinata).

Be prepared… it gets noisy but it’s super fun for the kids and the adults who are accompanying them.


This is the latest version of the pin the tail on the donkey game. Buy a game online or simply hang a poster of a unicorn. Use a colorful unicorn scarf to cover their eyes and off they go.

Keep it safe by using Velcro instead of the dreaded pins, especially for younger children.


In these days of social media, you simply can’t have a party without a photo booth. 

Create your booth by hanging a unicorn background and providing fun unicorn dress up props such as horned headbands, multi-colored wigs, crowns, fun cutouts and even stuffed unicorns. Have an adult in charge of taking the photos so that every child is sure to have their photo sent to their parents’ mobile phone or email after the most successful unicorn party ever.


Fun, healthy food is on the menu at all the best kids’ parties these days. Out with the refined sugar and in with colorful fruits and veggies.

Give your foods names such as: ‘sparkly fruit salad’, ‘unicorn salad’, ‘fantasy sandwiches’ and ‘magic fruit spritzers’ for the kids to drink.


Just remember that unicorns poop ice cream and this is a must at all unicorn parties. 

Add to that sprinkles on anything and you’ve got the perfect unicorn desserts. Sprinkles were invented for unicorn desserts (a fact that few humans know), so keep ‘em coming.


Sorry, but no… you can’t have a unicorn party without a unicorn cake. Go ahead and order one from your local bakery or if you’d like to be a little more frugal, make any layer cake, cover with white frosting and add a horn, sugar flowers and lots and lots of sprinkles all of which can be bought from your grocery store.


It’s been a great party and now it’s time to go home. Let them go with a smile and a bag of unicorn goodies to remember this great day.

Decorate some plain bags with glitter and unicorn stickers or simply pick up some unicorn bags online. Stuff the bag with their own craft which they did at the party, some inexpensive unicorn toys and divide up what came out of the pinata.

Even if you only do half of the stuff on this list, it will be a party to remember and you will have a very happy little unicorn who will go to bed with a big smile on their face.


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