Jun, 2022


Let’s talk about pinatas and unicorns and how these 2 iconic items have meshed together to become the next big thing in American birthday parties, especially for girls!

First a little about pinatas and mini unicorn pinatas in particular:

There are at least 2 theories surrounding the birth of the pinata and quite frankly, you can choose the one you like the most because for our purposes, both are equally entertaining.

1. The Aztec Origin

Apparently, the Aztecs used a container similar to the piñata in their celebration of the birth of the god Huitzilopochtli. This involved a feather-covered pot which was filled with small treasures and hit with a stick so that its contents spilled at the feet of the idol.

2. The Chinese Origin

It’s said that Marco Polo saw the Chinese pinata and brought it back to Italy. The Chinese version was typically a hollowed out effigy of a farm animal and filled with seeds. The Italians called it a pignatta and the game was played by Roman soldiers who would hang clay pots and try to hit the pots with their swords while blindfolded. This game spread to Spain where it became a Lenten tradition. Mexico’s first documented piñata goes back to the 16th Century.

Pick your favorite version and then we can go on to talking about unicorns.

So, no one has ever proven the existence of unicorns. Scientists maintain that unicorns are not real and that they are part of mythology. (You may want to ask your 5 year old about this and I’m sure you’ll get an entirely different answer). In any event, the first known writings about unicorns go back to the ancient Greeks in the 4th Century BCE.

Cultures all around the world have stories of unicorns from China, to India, to Africa, the Middle East and, of course, the United States. You may also like to ask “if they’re not real then why is there an organization called The Unicorn Rescue Society?” Look it up, it’s real! 


Kids absolutely loooooove unicorns. Unicorns are so much fun! They are protectors and reliable friends who accompany kids in enchanted forests, mysterious castles, fight against ogres, and yet they are delicate fairies that talk to stars and listen to kids’ inner secrets. They’re fantastical and magical, they have healing powers and, best of all, they poop ice cream and rainbows.

Unicorns are all that’s pure, beautiful, and magical in the world, just like children. It’s only natural for them to have an unbreakable bond!

So, how did we get a rainbow unicorn pinata from these 2 historical entities? It’s very simple. You put some really clever people in a room and ask them to combine 2 of history’s favorite things and this is what you get.

Colorful * Fun * Loud * Pretty

When you go to a little kids’ birthday party, you’re going to expect a seriously cool mini unicorn pinata, that’s just the way it is now. And if your kid is on trend, they probably want a unicorn pinata at their party and nothing else is going to do.

This classic birthday game gets the guests up and moving, encourages them to cheer on their friends, and takes up plenty of time while keeping them busy. True, the sugar rush they get from all the candy inside may come back to bite us later, (feel free to substitute with healthy snacks and little inexpensive toys instead) in any case, there’s nothing better than watching the kids have fun.

JitteryGit has taken the pinata to the next level. 

When all the kids have taken their turn at trying to break open the pinata and the candies and treats have finally fallen to the floor and been scooped up by all… things continue to get interesting.

In every JitteryGit pinata is the added bonus of a well designed and fun treasure hunt. You get a full set of instructions and clues and the kids will go wild with excitement!

So now you know why rainbow unicorn pinatas are so important at kids’ birthday parties you can join in with this fun trend and enjoy watching as they have a ball.

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