Jul, 2022

Kick off the party spirit by throwing the ultimate unicorn party for your child. 

Unicorns are majestic creatures who come with probably more unicorn party supplies in shades of pastel, cotton candy and sparkles than you can imagine. Any time is springtime when there are unicorns around! No other party can be as colorful and magical. 

While it’s true that you can create a unicorn birthday party just by putting up some rainbow colors and sprinkling some glitter, there are hundreds of ways to use unicorn party supplies to add magic to your celebration. 

Here are some unicorn birthday decorations we recommend that will make a fairytale dream party come true and be remembered for years to come. These whimsy and wonder filled unicorn party ideas will guarantee an unforgettable celebration!

There’s more than just one way of decorating your house or yard for a unicorn party.


1. Go the Easy Route – and no we’re not judging!

There are lots of reasons why you may wish to buy all your unicorn birthday decorations online or at your local party store.

Being a parent is no walk in the park and sometimes the convenience of ready-made and ready to use paper goods is just the only practical way to go.

2. Shopping on a Budget for Unicorn Party Ideas

The downside of buying your ready to go party decorations is that it can, of course, be pricey. 

Take into account that the kids at the party don’t care who manufactured the paper goods. There is a range of prices when it comes to paper goods and your local dollar stores or budget on-line shopping sites, very often have reasonably priced alternatives to those you’ll find in the party stores. 

3. Other Ways to Save Money

Not every single item has to have a picture of a unicorn on it. We don’t have to be quite so literal when creating the ambience for our party. Think glitter, sprinkles, rainbow and pastel colors and your atmosphere will be as pretty and colorful as any printed paper goods. 

Plain colored paper plates, napkins & cups in multiple colors and a tablecloth scattered with sprinkles and glitter is just as exciting if not more than the standard, ready to use unicorn themes.


1. The Easy Route

Once again, feel free to go to your local party store or go online and find all the pretty, shiny, fun wall decorations, balloons, streamers and more you can find. There’s lots of fun and interesting, somewhat expensive options available.

2. Shopping on a Budget

Once again, the dollar stores are perfect for this kind of shopping. It’s quick, easy and won’t break the bank.

3. DIY

This is our personal favorite! Get the kids involved and make big posters of unicorns using torn up magazines. 

Buy cheap, clear balloons and fill them with pieces of colored paper.

Make your own streamers with crepe paper.

Do your research online and you’ll be amazed at just how many options are available to you.


Explain to your child that unicorns eat all sorts of food that kids love too. 

They love to eat everything that is colorful and while they have a sweet tooth they also love fruits and veggies which are the most colorful foods around.

They also poop edible ice cream so that is a must!


• A necklace made of Fruit Loops is a colorful and healthy treat
• Colorful erasers
• Rubber unicorn ducks
• Mochi unicorn squishies
• Unicorn stickers
• The list is endless and once again, easy to find.

With all this talk of decorating… don’t forget the gift for the birthday girl or boy! We’ve got some great options for you at JitteryGit, so pop in and take a look. 

Good luck!

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