Aug, 2022

Parties are all about having fun and making memories. Dinosaur themed parties make the BEST memories. Kids of all ages adore dinos, it’s practically a scientific fact. So if you’ve got a party for boys or girls to plan, why not plan a dino-mite dinosaur birthday party? 

It’s a no-fail theme that’ll work for so many different kids’ temperaments, and can be executed at home or at any event space any time of year. 

With so many great dino party supplies available, it naturally lends itself to a lot of fun activities (like digging for dinosaur bones!) with the use of all sorts of cute dinosaur party decorations.

We bring you tons of creative inspiration for your child’s dinosaur-themed birthday party with ideas for everything you’ll need, from DIY projects to decorations you can have delivered to your doorstep and dinosaur party favors and games that won’t break the bank.

Dinosaur Party Decorations Plan

You can have a dino-manic party without going nuts in the planning stage. 

I can’t guarantee that it won’t get crazy during the party with all the dino guests stomping and chomping but having a plan will certainly help!

So, let’s get started!

Every party is more fun with cool

• dino invitations
• dino party supplies
• dinosaur party decorations
• dino games
• dino food
• dinosaur party favors

We cover all  those in this dinosaur party plan. Simply choose your favorites and you have your party plan all set!

Invite your kid’s friends to a roaring fun party with a dinosaur party invitation.

You can print this to get them excited: Stomp over and let’s party like a dinosaur! This party will be dino-mite!

Dino-Mite Decorations for Your Dinosaur Party

Create an awesome entrance and allow your guests to devour food from a food table adorned with dino goodies guarded by dinosaurs.

Make your party unforgettable with a

• cool entrance
• amazing treat table
• fabulous centerpieces
• and other exciting details.

1. Enter the Dinosaur Park

You can make an exciting yet cheap party entrance in various ways.

• A sign at the door (dinosaur crossing, beware of dinosaurs, dead end…)
• Theme colored balloons (green, brown, or whatever color you have chosen)
• Artificial vines and leaves
• Themed colored curling ribbon or streamer
• Dinosaur images
• The important thing is to hang them LOW enough for the kids to enjoy them.

2. Dinosaur Balloon Garland

Balloon garlands! Can’t go wrong with those. They are easy to make and look terrific.

3. DIY Backdrop for Roaring Fun Pictures

You can make this backdrop for a few bucks.

You’ll need a green plastic tablecloth.

Fold it crosswise (the short ends together) and fringe one half.

Tape it to the wall folded with the fringes on the outside.

Attach a few images of dinosaurs. Hang them up with a clear cord.

Hang up a dinosaur themed happy birthday banner or words such as roar, stomp, chomp.

4. Crepe Paper Is Perfect for This Party!

Get a set of crepe paper and use it as a fun backdrop for the food table

stunning photo backdrop table covering for the food table or cut into streamers and use in place of artificial vine.

Crepe paper texture is pretty cool and looks fun as a table runner. Crepe paper does bleed though so you might want to protect the table with a plastic tablecloth.

5. Dinosaur Centerpiece Sticks

Centerpiece sticks are one of the easiest ways to decorate tables. And easy is the important word here! Want to make your own centerpiece sticks? Cool!

Print and cut dinosaur images or cool words like roar and stomp, and tape to

• skewers
• dowels
• chopsticks
• small tree branch/stick

Insert the centerpiece sticks into

• jars
• gift bags
• vases
• brown paper lunch bags

Fill these with:

• candy
• dirt
• rocks
• plants

Or use them as photo props!

6. Dinosaur Figurines

Add excitement to your party with jumbo realistic looking dinosaur figurines placed on tables with fake or real plants.

Cut up or tear a piece of kraft paper for the dinosaurs to stomp on for an additional cool look. Adding a few big rocks would not hurt either. This is going to look awesome!

For a less scary look you might want to use fun colorful dinosaur toys.

7. Dinosaur Treat Stand

This must be the coolest way to serve treats at any dinosaur party!

8. Awesome Dinosaur Favors

Send the guests home with amazing memories and cool party favors.

The easiest and most delicious party favor is a sweet treat. Kids would love that. Some parents not so much.

Besides the sweets, these are some other fantastic dinosaur party favor ideas for you!

These party favors are CHEAP but FUN!

• Dinosaur Figurine
• Dinosaur Egg with A Tiny Dino
• Dinosaur Shaped Crayons
• Dinosaur Keychain
• Dinosaur Gift Bag – Put anything in this bag and it will become a dinosaur favor.

Now you’ve got lots of ideas for the most amazing dinosaur party ever!

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