3 Ways Dinosaur egg toys aid your child’s development

Aug, 2021
Dino Toys

Growing up, it never occurred to me that the running, jumping, and general pleasure of playing with toys could be aiding in my development. When we get older though, and have kids of our own, we start to see things differently. We observe how our beautiful balls of energy are taking in everything that’s around them, being stimulated by their surroundings. Since almost literally everything is a learning experience, the toys our children play with play a crucial part in their development. Dinomaniacs dinosaur eggs are an excellent way to combine hours of enjoyable fun with a learning experience that can last a lifetime. Here are 3 ways Dino egg toys can aid your child’s development:

Scratches the Curiosity itch

“Curiosity is the engine of achievement.” - Ken Robinson

ll children are curious by nature; it’s how they are introduced to the world. Each of us can spend hours describing our young ones eagerness to know something whether positively or negatively. It could be you noticing your child taking apart a toy to see how it works, or them asking a hundred different questions in one sitting, we see that each child has a need to satisfy their curiosity. Nurturing this curiosity will cultivate your child’s creative thought, imagination, and development. Dinomaniacs dino eggs give kids an outlet to express their curiosity, becoming their own little paleontologists. Each fossilized egg contains a dinosaur that they can dig out patiently with chisel and brush. There are 12 different dinosaurs, so each dinosaur egg will have your child curious on which one they will receive.

Makes Learning Fun

As we age, there seems to be an unconscious disconnect between learning and fun. We can have fun, and we can learn, however we can’t do both. To illustrate this, let’s do a little exercise… Ready? What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the words Science? Technology? Engineering?Mathematics? Many of us may have positive thoughts of these words, but does the word fun come up for you? These words are usually not associated with fun, but they can be! Toys are the perfect instrument to mix the two. Dinomaniacs Dino eggs were designed to be STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) toys, combining learning and fun. The best part about these toys is that they are learning many things and they do not even realize it! Each dinosaur egg comes with an educational card so they can learn all about the dino.

Helps refine their little motors

From the super active child, to the mellowest one, every youngster has a need to move their body. The process in which these movements are refined is called motor (or physical) development. Motor development is like the glue that helps all the other skills a child needs to develop, because many of the things we learn to do (like eating, getting dressed, etc) require movement. Dinomaniacs Dinosaur eggs game helps develop fine motor skills, exercising the hands, wrists, and fingers, which can assist with holding pencils, tying shoes, and many other things your child needs to be successful in life.

At the end of the day, we all want the best for our children. We want them to grow and develop into productive people who are intelligent and well-rounded. The early years of development are vital for this to happen, and toys play a fun role in this time of life. Having Dinomaniacs dinosaur egg toys provide innovative ways to aid your child’s development and help to satisfy their curiosity needs, make learning fun, and help refine their little motors.

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