4 of the Best Dinosaur Party Games For Kids

Jan, 2022
Dino Toys

Dinosaurs are extremely popular with kids, and there are lots of great dinosaur party games that will keep them entertained the whole party through. Whether you’re looking for something simple that can be played outdoors, or something more elaborate that will keep them occupied for a few hours, we’ve got you covered. So get ready to roar Jurassic Park-style and check out our favorite dinosaur birthday party ideas for kids!

Dinosaur egg hunt

Kids play this game by hiding dinosaur eggs around the yard. You could hide just one egg in each location, or multiple dinosaurs throughout, depending on how many children are coming to your dinosaur birthday party. Your child’s friends will love searching for these plastic dinosaur toys, and it’ll keep them occupied outdoors while you set up snacks. Just make sure not to hide too many so that there is enough time for other fun activities!

Dinosaur Race Game

This is one of our favorite dinosaur birthday party ideas. For this dinosaur birthday game, you’ll need a dinosaur figure for each kid and two buckets. The dinosaur figures should be the same size as one another but very different from those of your guests so that they can’t use their toys. You could try out our Rex models or opt for something more unusual like an alligator! Set up two large boxes at either side of the room about three feet apart with plenty of space between them to let kids run through safely. Divide children into pairs before telling everyone that whoever gets across first wins a special prize – whatever you’ve got lying around will do fine!

Pin the tail on the dinosaur

This dinosaur birthday game is one of the most popular among party-goers. All you need to do is draw a T-Rex on a large sheet of paper and then stick it onto your living room wall, ensuring that all edges are secure so that no children will get hurt when playing these fun dinosaur games. Then, cut out an oversized dinosaur tail from another piece of cardstock and pin it in place with tape or drawing pins before letting guests take their turn! You can even add glitter stickers for an extra effect to make this dinosaur game extra special.

Pin the tooth on the T-Rex

This dinosaur party game is one that your children and their friends will love! All you need to do is print out some dinosaur figures on large sheets of paper, cut them out carefully, and stick them onto a wall. For more fun dinosaur toys, we recommend gluing cotton wool balls around the edges as if they were fur or feathers before drawing in dino features with permanent markers – it’s perfect for younger guests not old enough to hold pens themselves. Then give each child a set of false teeth (you can use cereal box tokens) before playing like regular musical chairs – whoever sticks their tooth closest to the mouth wins!

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