Awakening children’s senses, imagination and creativity With Dinosaur Toys

Dec, 2021
Dino Toys

Welcome! Are you ready to have fun?

With an amazing world built by your own children, with dinosaur toys and games they will create their own stories about dinosaurs playing with trains.  Enhance their creativity by mixing the entertainment of dinosaurs with the amusing adventures of trains! 

They will begin to learn important life lessons about how to solve problems and manage their emotions. Our Jurassic World is educational and visually stunning!

Our amazing dinosaur race track set comes with pieces for endless adventure fun for both boys and girls. The flexible tracks can be twisted, turned and adjusted to form different shapes and sizes to accommodate any scenario and space. Both single and separate players can build more!

Fun for your child doesn’t need to mean a huge mess. Clean up time is a breeze, just pick up and throw the pieces in our beautiful box. Even a child can carry it!

Awakening the Senses

Fine motor skills. We can develop the fine motor skills of our children at a young age. Operating  turntables and bridges, pulling the trains around, and putting the track together, is all great for fine motor skills. You can add people, buildings and dinosaur toys to increase the adventure and the use of fine motor skills, these skills are needed for writing, drawing, tying your shoelaces, even using a knife and fork.  

Gross motor skills. It might not be the skill you first think of when train sets come to mind but children also have to gain spatial awareness and learn about how much space they themselves take up in order to play successfully without breaking the track. There’s also a lot of crouching, crawling, lying on the floor and stepping over things involved in a good game of trains. What a way to have fun!

Problem solving. While our children have fun, and try to figure out how to make a circular track that trains can continuously go round, and finding the way for the dinosaurs to pass, they learn to build a track through trial and error. In this process they are developing the ability to see A and relate it to B is a lifelong skill but one that needs to be learned and practiced nonetheless.

Developing sensory play.

Connecting children to the wonder of Dinosaur Train toys. The images, colors, textures, and places of Jurasic’s world awaken children’s senses and imagination!

One of the most effective ways in which children learn is through assembling shapes or blocks. Whether it be building race tracks, creating pathways for dinosaurs to pass, or putting the pieces of a train track together requires hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, children are experiencing far more than a fun-filled day of learning. They are participating in what is called sensory play!

The STEM method is the inspiration behind the concept and design of Dinosaur toys and games. This educational model is based on respect for the child and on helping young children unlock their full physical and intellectual potential.

There’s many benefits of playing with a train set that go far beyond simply having fun. Children have loved playing with trains for generations. Of course, playing with dinosaur toys is a great way for children to relax, use their imaginations and blow off steam. But playing is about so much more than just having fun. Play is how children learn! Give them the opportunity to rock their potential!

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