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Jan, 2022
Dino Toys

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Are you looking for a cool glow toy that doesn’t stop the amusement allowing your kid to play even in the dark? If so, you are in the right place at the right time! Glow in the dark toys are always one of the best options. 

Generation after generation, children never cease to be amazed by the amazing power of glow in the dark toys. That’s why we’re excited to provide this kind of toy that keeps the thrill alive and glowing for longer! 

Now our prehistoric jungle outpost is even more extreme! This all new Dinosaur Race Track comes with all of the flexible track pieces and accessories of the original, plus the whole set is revamped with glow in the dark decals for dino fun day and night. The jungle comes to life at night!

The Greatest Glow in the Dark Toy

All the realistic looking dinosaurs in the race track look great in the day but stunning at night, thanks to the glow factor. They are extremely safe for kids, since it’s eco- friendly, non-radioactive light emitting materials, waterproof and non- toxic, your kids can play with them without a worry, and besides it comes with many benefits. 

Firstly, they will make your child feel comfortable in a dark environment. A glow toy may be helpful for providing security at night even if your child is not afraid of the dark. Plus, you can use some glow in the dark toys for toddlers, to make the room even more magical, or even themed party decorations. What an incredible way to celebrate!

And last but not least important, glow toys are perfect for gifting to kids of all ages, as they are creative and amazing! These toys, apart from being a good glow toy, are also a great source of education. This toy is a great STEM gift for kids. It teaches them about the physics of motion in a fun way. Of course, that’s what we expect from this type of toy!

Light up the children's imagination

Are your kids fond of dinosaurs? Undoubtedly they are really going to love this toy. This Jurassic World is educational and visually stunning! If you’re tired of hearing “I’m bored!”  because the kids don’t seem to have anything more constructive to do, glowing toys are here to  help! Not only to solve those problems,  but to develop the ability to communicate by expressing their inner thoughts and feelings or recounting events in an effective way. 

Kids need time in order to uncover the treasure trove in their own brains, giving them lots of white space in their day for play is truly a gift. A glowing Race Track and dinosaur figures are the perfect combination for endless hours of adventures, and have the perfect size that fits any kind of space. Raising imaginative children is something that doesn’t occur suddenly, but that we must promote from an early age, and glowing toys are a great resource to do it. Turn on  the possibilities of imaginative play time! 

For these reasons and many others this toy is an amazing gift, and available for kids of all ages, but especially from toddlers. YOU CAN’T MISS OUR SPECIAL EDITION!

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