How Dig it up dinosaur eggs promote motor skills

Jul, 2021
Dino Toys

Wow, how they have grown!!! No longer are they the fragile newborns who need to have their neck and head supported all the time, our children are developing fast. With the progression from sitting to standing, to walking and running our young ones are becoming more active every day. The progression of these movements is called motor skills, and though they primarily deal with movement, they are important for their social, emotional, cognitive, speech, and language health as well. Motor skills can be divided into two parts, fine and gross skills. Gross motor skills are abilities that let us do tasks that involve large muscles in our torso, legs, and arms, and are what helps the child go from sitting to walking. Fine Motor skills involve movement of the smaller muscle groups in your child’s hands, fingers, and wrists and are vital for your child to develop self-care. As parents, we all want our children to be healthy and develop in a way that they are the best that they can be. The daily activities that we do with them can proactively help them fine-tune their motor skills, and in this age group playing and toys reign supreme. JitteryGit Dinomaniacs dig it up dinosaur eggs are a great tool to promote your child’s motor skills. Here’s how:

Fine motor skills

As our children grow, their fine motor skills begin to take primary importance in motor development. While gross motor skills get the job done, it’s the fine motor skills that influence the speed and quality of a task. Some examples of fine motor skills are using pencils and crayons, cutting with scissors, using food utensils, tying shoelaces, and brushing hair just to name a few. Helping your child develop fine motor skills will in turn help them socially, academically, and mentally by allowing them to engage effectively with their environment. Dinomaniacs dinosaur egg game promotes fine motor skills by imitating the work of a Paleontologist. The eggs are Dinosaur fossils that need to be chipped away at with a chisel and brush, developing their fine motor skills dynamically and engagingly. Sometimes it can be frustrating for the child to learn these skills, but it makes it a lively experience when they are playing with dig-it-up dinosaur fossils because they are forming these skills while having fun.

Hand-eye coordination

Have you ever giggled at seeing your child trying to catch a ball or toy and are way off, this is an example of hand-eye coordination. Hand-eye coordination is the split-second communication between the eyes, the brain, and the hands to carry out a task. Fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination go hand in hand with each other. Some significant things that hand-eye coordination aids in are reading, writing, sports, and tying their shoes. While there is no definite timeline on when you’re young one will have these skills, as parents, we can nurture them. In addition to our dino eggs, we also include dino cut-outs that help your child develop their hand-eye coordination in an exciting way.

Dinomaniacs dig it up dinosaur eggs packs a powerful punch when it comes to combining fun with promoting motor skills. Motor skills and hand-eye coordination are vital for our children to develop self-care, and to progress socially, academically, and mentally. There are many ways that we can nurture fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, however, play toys are one of the best ways because it’s making some of these difficult tasks pleasurable for your child. Today choose to invest in your child by getting some dinosaur fossil eggs.

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