Jun, 2022
Dino Toys


There doesn’t seem to be a minimum or a maximum age for cool dinosaur toys. They are the epitome of a never-ending love affair between man and “monstrous lizard” (the translation from the Greek word Dinosaur).

These world class favorites come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, kits, & sets and with just a little research, we managed to come up with a host of different ways that people collect, use and play with dinosaurs. 

However, I digress, since the focus of this blog is on bringing you ideas to educate, entertain and challenge with dinosaur toys for 3 year olds and up.

Dinosaur toys for 3 year olds and older are a great tool for teaching life, social and cognitive skills in the early years. They spark our children’s imagination and curiosity while offering endless learning opportunities.

• Dinosaur educational toys can be used to begin conversions around complex topics such as time/history, death/extinction, evolution, and environmental issues.

• Because we adults don’t have all the answers about dinosaurs, our children can confidently offer their own theories, and no one can tell them they’re wrong.

• Dinosaurs teach children about nature, different landscapes, and the importance of a sustainable environment. Educators can talk about where dinosaurs lived and what they needed to survive.

• This is the perfect opportunity to have a discussion about how the environment that the dinosaurs lived in was different to our own.

• Diversity: There were many types of Dinosaurs, ferocious meat eaters and gentler plant eaters for instance. This is the perfect opportunity to open a discussion about fairness and respect for different cultures and different types of people and the acceptance of all.

• Dinosaurs encourage young children to investigate their own feelings and ideas about life in general.

• It’s almost impossible not to be curious about dinosaurs and as a result they encourage children’s thirst for learning.

• Truly, the story of the dinosaurs is better than fiction. Talking about them encourages oral communication and listening skills. Playing with dinosaurs provokes conversations and social interactions.

Through role-play children can re-enact ideas about how these magnificent beasts moved and behaved. Encourage them to create new stories and ideas around the eras when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Of course, all dinosaur educational toys should be age appropriate so as not to confuse or frustrate in the case of small children, or bore in the case of older kids. 

Following are some fun and entertaining Dinosaur-themed activities to inspire you. Use these activities to ignite your child’s passion, nurture a weak area, or advance a strength.

All games are specifically developed to encourage curiosity and learning through play.

Make Realistic (not in size) Dinosaur Bones

• Make salt dough using 2 cups of flour, one cup of salt, one cup of water.
• Mold the bones.
• Bake in an oven at 250 degrees Fahrenheit

The bones will become hard and can be played with.

Construct a Dinosaur Cave

• Use large blocks to build caves for dinosaurs to live in.
• The dinos can even smash them into pieces.
• Block construction develops problem-solving and STEM skills.
• Children can work individually or collaborate in groups.

Create a Dino Drama

• Think beyond small world play (i.e. using figures and miniatures)
• Let them pretend to be real-life dinosaurs
• Ask each child what kind of dinosaur he/she would like to be (smaller kids can point to a picture)
• What do they look like and how do they move?

Dinosaur Treasure Hunt

• Hide toy dinosaurs around the house / classroom / play area.
• For toddlers place them in visible places
• For older children, you can provide them with clues
• They can play individually or as a group.

Expand their Vocabulary with Dino Songs

• Children can expand their vocabulary and knowledge about dinosaurs through music.
• Add instruments if you have them, or wooden spoons and pot covers
• Make a space for dancing and stomping
• Try these dinosaur-themed songs which can be found on YouTube
– Dinosaur Roar
– Romp Bomp a Stomp
– Ten Little Dinosaurs

Of course we don’t all have time to create fun games for the kids. Sometimes it’s all we can do to come home from work, make dinner and get them ready for bed. That’s why shopping online can be such a godsend.

There are places out there on the world wide web which specialize in cool dinosaur toys and it’s definitely worth checking them out so that you can make the most of your dino play adventure with your children.

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