How Did Dinosaur Toys Become so Freaking Popular?

Apr, 2022
Dino Toys

Dinosaurs last roamed the earth more than 65 million years ago so how is it that they’ve reemerged  in the 21st century to roam around in almost every kid’s playroom on the planet?

It’s obvious that dinosaur-themed games are poised to be, once again, one of the most popular toys for 2022. Afterall, they are among the top trends again this year among toy manufacturers.

So let’s try to understand this Dinosaur toy infatuation that kids have.

This trend of dino-fever may have been first inspired by the ‘Land of the Lost’ in Generation X, and ’90s kids can trace it back to Jurassic Park and The Land Before Time, but an obsession with all things dinosaur is no less prevalent today than it was when you were a kid. One of the reasons dinosaurs are so popular today is that toy companies don’t need to pay the studio or anyone else, royalties for the privilege of making new dinosaur toys

Dinosaurs, unlike superhero characters from franchises such as “The Avengers” and “Spider-Man,” are free in the public domain and thus a license agreement isn’t needed to make the dinosaur toys.

We all know, as a near-universal rule, kids love dinosaurs and kids love dinosaur track toys — if you weren’t obsessed with dinosaurs as a kid, you almost definitely know someone who was.

While Jurassic passions may seem like just another passing craze all children go through, there are some interesting reasons behind this positive infatuation.

Encouraging more engagement in ‘dino play’ can foster key developmental skills including confidence in STEM subjects as well as creativity. There are a number of reasons why children like playing with their new dinosaur toys and in return there are many ways it helps them develop and learn:

Children can safely master a scary and extinct monster. Dinosaurs have all sorts of foreboding qualities like sharp teeth, big claws, scaly bodies, and powerful limbs. Confronting and coming to terms with something scary, while knowing they no longer walk the earth, is reassuring and can help children deal with other scary things in their life.

They learn about earth, life, and the natural world. These incredible and fascinating creatures teach children more about how species come to be, adapt, survive and eventually disappear. An interest in the best dinosaur toys also helps children understand the earth’s timeline and appreciate that amazing things existed long before they did.

Their primal instincts are exercised. Some experts believe that dinosaurs might trigger a biological bias in children that stems from our days as hunters and gatherers.

They get to display over-excitability. A love of dinosaurs also taps into a number of different ‘super-sensitivities’ for children such as psychomotor, sensual, emotional, intellectual and imaginational sensitivity.

When you give a kid a large dinosaur or a dinosaur track toy, chances are high that he will fall in love with both the toy and you. 

So where can you find unique, different and large dinosaurs? Head right over to to find the best dinosaur toys for boys and girls.

For some reason, the monstrous look appeals to kids. Monsters and demons send chills down the spines of most people but, somehow, innocent children are an exception. They love demons, devils, and monsters.

Kids even prefer monster cartoons over others. Maybe the fighting, cruelty, and bizarre biological build fascinate them. The same is the case with all the new dinosaur toys on the market. 

Dinosaurs inspire imagination. 

That may be another reason why children are naturally attracted to dinosaurs, they have a hint of familiarity but are alien in such a way that they immediately spark their imagination. Let kids use their imaginations and create their own Jurassic Park, their only limit should be their imagination!

But still pondering the question- what makes these extinct beasts so popular? The late paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould attributed the popularity of dinosaurs to three main qualities: they were big; they were fierce; most importantly, they are extinct – and there’s a lot of merit to this theory.

In conclusion, the word paleontology might not always inspire a lot of general interest, and in spite of that we’d be hard pressed to find a kid who doesn’t love dinosaurs. The giant reptiles that roamed the Earth millions of years ago continue to captivate the interest and imagination of the young and old alike.

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