Jul, 2022
Dino Toys

There are hundreds of options of toy race tracks out there on the market so the question we very often hear is, “How do I choose which one is best for my child?” Some of the options available include manual, motorized, or “launcher” style race tracks and the latest craze… glow in the dark race tracks.

Zeroing in on the right race track toy for your child (boy or girl) can be confusing, so, we’ve outlined a few guidelines for you to follow when buying this kind of toy for your child. 

Let’s start by saying that no 2 children are exactly alike (thank goodness) and each child has their own special likes and dislikes. Choices should be made according to age, ability and personal taste.


Your child will enjoy pushing the car around and using their imagination  to create their own  little world on the tracks. This type of track is suitable for mostly younger children.


These race track toys generally require batteries. The child doesn’t actually have to be involved in the movement of the cars and this gives him/her the chance to examine the cars as they speed around the track while answering all kinds of questions relating to physics such as:

• When are they traveling at their fastest?
• When do they crash and fall off the track?


Race track toys that have a launcher are all about speed and excitement. Racing and stunts make it the perfect high-paced play toy but we don’t recommend playing with this type of toy right before bedtime!

Anyone of these types of track can have the added benefit of glowing in the dark.

Different styles of racetracks include Formula 1 racing type games, streets, construction sites and our favorite “themes”. 

Themes are the exciting part of deciding which track set to buy. It’s the difference between a generic game for one and all, and the time and effort you take to pick the precise game that your child will absolutely love.

Themes may include:

• Police
• Army
• Hot Wheels
• Garage
• Thomas the Tank Engine
• Dinosaurs
• All sorts of Disney Characters
• and lots more.

The newest, most exciting addition to the fun racetrack toys available is the glow in the dark racetrack option. There’s just something special about toys that glow and ‘light up’ in the dark. Kids of all ages and adults too, simply love them. For some children the dark is a place to fear, that’s why we often leave a small night light in our kids’ rooms. Playing in the dark with a toy that provides some light shifts the game into something more fascinating and adventurous while slowly accustoming them to the dark and the realization that it can really be fun. 

So what are the requirements for a really good glow in the dark racetrack?

• A fully flexible track which means that they can set it up in many different configurations. Being able to arrange and rearrange their race tracks will keep them entertained and encourage decision making.

• Lots of accessories so they can really get into the imaginary/role play side of the game. It also means that they can involve friends because there are enough pieces that they all get to enjoy assembling the tracks and playing with the models and cars. Just listen to all the excitement coming from their room when playing together in the dark.

• Toys that glow brightly all over providing lots of luminosity.

• Race track toys that can be taken apart are going to be easier to store. Some toys even include a trunk or storage box which helps keep everything organized.

Going back to the idea of themes. Does your child love dinosaurs? Is there a child that doesn’t? What about glow in the dark dinosaur toys? How about… wait for it… glow in the dark dinosaur toys together with a race track, now that’s a perfect toy, wouldn’t you say?

The Dino Glow In the Dark Race Track from JitteryGit encompasses our favorite dinosaur models and accessories such as cages, great big wooden gates, jeeps and tropical trees with all the essentials of a great racetrack such as 144 easily interlocking tracks in camouflage colors, hanging bridges, rising slopes and a chasing ball. 

We leave it up to you to search out the racetrack which will best suit your child while you take into account all the little tips we’ve given you in this article. Whatever your choice, we know you will create an atmosphere of magic for your little one’s playtime.

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