How to plan an epic Dino Egg hunt this Easter

Mar, 2022
Dino Toys

Easter is just around the corner and the holiday wouldn’t be complete without an Easter egg hunt. Traditionally, regular eggs painted in various colors or chocolate eggs are used but why settle for that? Parents, we have the perfect toy to take this tradition and give it a fun and educational spin for your kids. Our Dino Eggs are the perfect way to make your Easter egg hunt game one every child will rave about. We’re sure you’re going to love our Dino Eggs and here are just some of the reasons why. 

We developed this dinosaur eggs toy  as a STEM toy, to bring together play time with learning. STEM toys teach children about the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Dino’s Eggs is designed to be a dynamic and engaging game. Your child will develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, critical thinking skills, and so much more. According to a Commerce Department study, jobs in STEM fields have grown at a much faster rate than other jobs in the last decade. Peaking your child’s interest in these fields at a young age will be an investment in their future.

Parents, we know it can be challenging to find ways to keep kids busy and entertained. Well, look no further. This toy provides hours of fun, especially when used for a dinosaur themed Easter egg hunt. First, they will search for the eggs, then they will chip away at the dino egg to discover which species is hidden inside. Next, they will match the hatchling with the educational card to learn all about the dinosaur species. Finally, they will build their dinosaur by using the glue dots, cut-outs, and balloons and sticks. Needless to say, they’ll be busy for a while. You’re welcome!

This game will spark your child’s creativity by creating an authentic experience. They will have a blast digging while learning about the many prehistoric species hidden inside the eggs. Armed with their own chisels and brushes, your children will truly tap into their inner paleontologist.

As an added bonus, these dino eggs will avoid the unnecessary sugar intake of the traditional chocolate Easter egg hunt. As parents, you want to ensure that your little ones are staying healthy and educated. With Dino’s Eggs, you will replace the sugar intake with a fun and educational experience.

So how do you plan a dinosaur themed Easter egg hunt game? We’ve got you covered! We’ll walk you through a step-by-step guide to creating an exciting and educational adventure. Let’s get started!

1. Pick a location for your dino egg hunt.

Outdoor locations work best for a more authentic paleontologist experience. A backyard, front yard or community park are all great options

2. Gather supplies.

Buy one or several dino egg kits and baskets for each child to hunt and gather the dinosaur eggs. You can shop the Dino’s Egg kits on the JitteryGit website here.

3. Hide the eggs.

The dino eggs can be hidden in flower or plant pots, behind trees, or even in the soil. Get creative but don’t make it too difficult for your children to find. Make sure to keep track of the number of eggs and where they are hidden.

4. Include hints.

If the children are on the older side, you can make it more of a scavenger hunt and include hints for the hiding spots. Print the list of hints and place them in the baskets before the hunt.

5. Start hunting.

Let the fun begin! Go over the rules of the game, the boundaries of the location and hiding spots, and start hunting!

6. Chisel away to discover your dinosaur species.

Hand out the chisels and brushes included in the dino eggs kits. Sit in a circle and have the children carve away at their eggs using the chisel to discover which dinosaur species are hidden inside. Then, use the brush to clean the dinosaur.

7. Learn all about your dinosaur.

Display the educational cards in the middle of the circle and have the children match their hatchlings with the educational cards.

8. Build your dinosaur.

Distribute the “build-your-dino” kit which includes glue dots, balloons & sticks, and dinosaur cut-outs and start building. Each child can follow the instructions on their card and use the supplies to build their dino.

9. Show and tell.

Go around the circle and have each child show the dinosaur they found and built and then share the information about the species on the card. Your kids will walk away with knowledge of various prehistoric species.

10. A great addition to your toy collection.

The best part about the dino themed Easter egg hunt is that in addition to the knowledge they gained, your kids get to walk away with a dinosaur toy that they can add to their collection.

Now you know how to plan an epic dinosaur themed Easter egg hunt but don’t forget to buy your Dino’s Eggs from JitteryGit before the holiday. Happy Easter and Happy Hunting!

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