How to promote your child’s development through playtime with STEM toys

Apr, 2022
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As a parent, you undoubtedly spend loads of time and money trying to keep your children entertained and well educated. When searching for toys to buy for your kids, the buzz word you keep seeing is STEM toys. A quick google search will reveal various lists and articles ranking The Top STEM Toys for 2022, STEM Building Toys for 8 Year Olds, 21 STEM Toys to Sharpen Your Child’s Critical Thinking Skills, STEM toys for 7 year olds and more. Even with all the lists and toys out there, you might still feel a little lost. So what exactly are STEM toys and how do they play a role in your child’s development? 

STEM is an acronym for the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Education doesn’t only happen in the classroom, and with the incredible STEM toys on the market today, now playtime can contribute to education too. 

STEM toys have come a long way from when we were kids. They now include everything from Stem Robot Kits, toys that teach coding, magna-tiles, doctor and anatomy sets, color chemistry sets and much more. The benefits of exposing your children to STEM toys at an early age are astounding. They will be introduced to the fundamentals of science, technology, math and engineering. They will help refine your child’s cognitive skills, fine motor skills, creativity, ability to problem solve, collaboration and it doesn’t end there. Here’s how:

1. STEM toys help spark creativity.

The variety of STEM toys out there encourage your child’s creativity. They can pretend to be mad scientists with chemistry kits. Stem toys for 7 year olds like JitteryGit’s Robotryx will have your little guys tap into their inner engineer by building robots from the planet of Knemesis.

2. STEM toys help develop cognitive abilities

The International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences defines cognitive ability as a general mental capability involving reasoning, problem solving, planning, abstract thinking, complex idea comprehension, and learning from experience. As such, STEM toys are a great way for kids to develop these skills. Whether it be building sets or science kits, STEM toys will challenge your child to use their brain to solve the task at hand.

3. STEM toys help spark creativity.

According to WebMD, fine motor skills are activities in which you use the small muscles in your hands and wrists to make precise movements. A lot of stem building toys for 8 year olds are great for refining these skills. Building lego, blocks, train tracks or stem robot kits allow children to use and practice these muscles.

4. STEM toys bring together playtime with education

Children love playtime and you want to make them happy and ensure they enjoy their downtime. When playtime is educational and beneficial for their development then everyone wins. Children are happy and entertained and parents are happy that their children are learning and developing their skills and abilities.

5. STEM toys help increase interest in science, technology, engineering and math and make them less intimidating in the school setting

Sparking their interest in STEM fields through playtime will encourage them to take an active interest in the classroom and that passion is the key to academic success. Moreover, courses in math and science have been known to be intimidating in the school setting but introducing it through playtime removes that pressure.

6. STEM toys are an investment in your child’s future

According to a Commerce Department study, jobs in STEM fields have grown at a much faster rate than other jobs in the last decade. Peaking your child’s interest in these fields at a young age will be an investment in their future.

6. STEM toys promote collaboration with other children and bonding with parents

STEM toys like robot kits, magna-tiles or science kits are perfect activities for playtime with other children. This encourages collaboration and helps develop children’s social skills. These games are also a perfect bonding activity for parents and children. Taking an active interest in your child’s education will surely help them succeed. 

So now that we’ve covered all the benefits of STEM toys, you’ll want to get your hands on them for your little ones. Check out Jittery Git’s Robotryx robots which were created around a STEM learning system. Every one of the robots are designed with the “BUILD – UNDO – REBUILD” model. When your child plays with the Robotryx toys, they are developing new cognitive skills, problem-solving techniques, and new levels of creativity. This mode of play has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety and improve attention span. The Robotryx toys are also designed to sharpen fine motor skills. We know how important it is to keep a child’s interest and curiousity peaked, that is why we created robots that are versatile and exciting. We believe play time should be a time to grow! With five robots to choose from, which one will you pick?

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