Need Ideas for Easter Eggs Hunt Game for your kids?

Mar, 2022
Dino Toys

Are you looking to get your child something totally unique this Easter? If your kids or like dinosaurs, you should get them dinosaur eggs for Easter! 

Dinosaurs are among the most popular toy segments for kids and toddlers. The 12 Dino’s Eggs Digging Game allows your child to experience what it’s like to be an archaeologist. 12 eggs are included in this kit, and each egg contains a unique dinosaur. Some of the dinosaurs you may recognize, like Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops, and others you may not know, like Corythosaurus and Stegoceras. If you aren’t familiar with these dinosaurs, don’t worry! This kit also contains cards that have facts about the dinosaurs on one side. Your child will learn so much about dinosaurs with this hands-on STEM kit!

The JitteryGit dino eggs toy for Easter contains 12 digging eggs with a unique dinosaur in each one, 12 chisels and brushes, 12 dinosaur info-cards, and a DIY dinosaur kit. The DIY dinosaur kit contains 12 balloons in various colors, 12 dinosaur cut-out sheets in various colors, and 150 glue dots. One cool feature of the Dino Eggs toy is that the info cards double as instructions for the DIY dinosaur kit. If you want to add more creativity to it, allow your child to mix and match the cut-outs to create hybrid dinosaurs!

Benefits of the Dino Egg Toy

Your child will benefit from using the 12 Dino’s Eggs Digging Game because it teaches your child vital skills. Some of the skills they will gain include fine motor skills, creative skills, digging skills, hand-eye coordination, critical thinking skills, and so much more! 

STEM toys engage your child’s curiosity and creativity as soon as they start playing. The Dino Eggs toy is the best STEM toy for Easter because they are eggs (an Easter icon), which are great for toddler-sized hands, and mimic actual dinosaur eggs. Since they contain “hatchlings,” children must problem-solve. This prompts them to ask the question, “How do we get the dinosaurs out?”

They will then use the chisels to chip away chunks of the egg. Some of our satisfied customers have suggested putting the eggs in water to soften them before digging. Once the bigger chunks have been chipped away, your child can use the brushes to uncover the dinosaur that is “preserved” inside.

Once the dinosaur has been released from the egg, your child can match the dinosaur to one of the info cards. If they can’t read yet, this is a great time for you to get involved. You can read the info card to your child, which includes the name of the dinosaur and some fun facts. 

After you’ve read the card, you and your child can continue opening more eggs, or you can move on to the DIY dinosaur kit. Your child may need help to blow up the balloon and attach the cut-outs to it with glue dots. Older children may enjoy this project more than younger ones, but children of all ages will enjoy building their own dinosaurs.

Don’t Hesitate! Get Your Dino Egg Toy for Easter Today!

If your child loves dinosaurs and you want to get them something unique this Easter, head over to Jitterygit and buy your 12 Dino’s Eggs Digging Game for $18.95. If you and your child are satisfied with your game and want to extend the fun, you can purchase 6 more eggs, chisels, and brushes for $12.95. These dinosaur eggs are the perfect, hands-on toy to buy for your child this Easter! Don’t hesitate; get yours today!

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