The Best Easter Toy in 2022

Mar, 2022
Dino Toys

Easter is coming! Easter is a fun holiday for children everywhere because there’s the promise of toys and candy from the Easter Bunny. This holiday season, ditch the traditional plastic eggs filled with candy and pick up the 12 Dino’s Eggs Digging Game from Dinomaniacs. This set is the best Easter toy to get your child in 2022. Why? This STEM toy is fun, educational, and helps your child improve their fine motor skills.

The 12 Dino’s Eggs Digging Game contains 12 digging eggs that each contain a unique dinosaur, 12 chisels and brushes for digging, 12 dinosaur info cards, and a build-your-own dinosaur kit that includes glue dots, balloons, sticks, and 12 dinosaur cutouts. Each of the dinosaur info cards relates to the dinosaurs inside the eggs. You can do the eggs all at once, one at a time, or whenever your child wishes. 

This game was designed with STEM in mind. STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) toys have become more popular in recent years because they help children learn through play. Toddlers especially learn best through play. 12 Dino’s Eggs was designed for children 4 and up, but children of all ages will enjoy this dinosaur kit. It was designed to be a dynamic and engaging game, promoting hours of fun for your little one. Your child will develop:

• Fine motor skills
• Hand-eye coordination
• Critical thinking skills
• Artistry skills
• And so much more

One of the best ways to get your child excited about the kit is by doing an Easter egg hunt. You can have your kids paint the eggs ahead of time, so they know what to look for during the egg hunt. If you still want to include the plastic eggs with candy or toys, you can! After all, Easter egg hunts are fun. Make sure you remind your child the fun will continue after the egg hunt!

To dig out the dinosaurs, your child will use the chisels to chip at the egg material, then use the brushes to brush it away, just like an archaeologist. Parental supervision is advised while using the dino dig kit.

Once the eggs have been completed, you can continue the fun with the included build-your-own dinosaur kit. With adult assistance, children can blow the balloons up, attach them to the sticks, and build their favorite dinosaur by attaching the cutouts with glue dots.

Your child has 12 dinosaur options to choose from in the build-your-own dino kit. These dinosaurs are:

• Ankylosaurus
• Apatosaurus
• Corythosaurus
• Gigantosaurus
• Ouranosaurus
• Parasaurolophus

• Plesiosaur
• Spinosaurus
• Stegoceras
• Stegosaurus
• Triceratops
• Tyrannosaurus Rex

The educational cards included in the kit contain facts about the dinosaur on the front and instructions to build the dinosaur on the back. 

If your child digs all the eggs, builds all 12 of the balloon dinosaurs, and wants to do more, you can buy 6 more eggs, chisels, and brushes for $12.95.

The 12 Dino’s Eggs Digging Game has 4.9 out of 5 stars and raving reviews. Parents and children around America love this product and can’t get enough! One satisfied customer says, “Got this as a gift, my 4-year-old loves it!! It’s great for hours of educational fun. She learns about different dinosaurs and practices hand coordination with the digging, brushing, and cutting. Definitely recommend for an awesome gift!”

If you’re ready to get the best Easter toy for your child this Easter, head over to JitteryGit and purchase your 12 Dino’s Eggs Digging Game! It is on sale right now for $18.95, with free 2-day shipping. If you and your child aren’t satisfied, we offer hassle-free returns. Get yours today!

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