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Nov, 2021
Dino Toys

Please welcome the new arrival to the Dinomaniacs Family The Dino Blocks, a toy line that has delighted generations of children. Looking for an awesome Dinosaur Toy for toddlers? 

Dino Blocks is an unmatched, colorful and educational dinosaur game. Your child will be able to create exciting prehistoric scenery on all sides of the magnetic blocks for children to explore with their dino friends. These types of toys are versatile, engaging, and stimulating.  Perfect for hours of play in limitless ways! Hands-on Magnetic Building Blocks a fun STEM toy collection to spark your child’s creativity, and keep kids’ toys ready for play any time!

Toddlers are complicated, and not only for the obvious reasons, but this is an age where we usually do not know what to give, and we realize it especially when we look for toys for children 3 years old and up. Should we look for toys for children that are dynamic like building blocks? Or something more modern? Are they old enough to start playing video games?

What does a child learn by playing with blocks?

We believe that the best gifts for young children should be gifts that stimulate their development and, above all, fun toys for children that make them expand their creative and cognitive side.  Dino Blocks is the perfect toy for all ages! It’s full of intellectual and physical growth for toddlers and 4 years old.  No matter how young, your child will love Dinoblox. In the early years, dinosaur building blocks fascinate and capture the attention of our little ones. Dinosaur Building blocks allow children to create, recognize, and develop the ability to find out how pieces fit together, and encourage comprehension of differing directions, shapes, and spaces. They must control and coordinate their movements to grasp the blocks, stack them and nest them, becoming more skilled with their hands;  As they are building, stretching and crawling to complete their showpiece, children are helping to strengthen their gross motor skills. While they combine and compare shapes, sizes, children begin building scientific reasoning skills, and begin thinking about math when they are playing with blocks, even if they don’t know it.

Their understanding of the relationships that exist between objects in space, as they gradually discover spatial notions (above, below, in front and behind) while they are manipulating the blocks. Their patience, their thoughtfulness and their sense of observation when carrying out a precise construction. To achieve the desired result, the child must plan the stages of its construction and determine in what order to do them.  This ability to establish order in what they do will be important when learning to read and achieve math skills. The child then takes the initiative to choose the construction he will make, such as a house, a car or a train!

Toys are tools for play.

When a child finds a toy intriguing and engages in play, learning occurs  joyfully and naturally. Dinosaur Building Blocks help children learn to take turns and share materials, develop new friendships, become self reliant, increase attention span, cooperate with others, and develop self esteem. 

From the age of 1, toddlers can have fun with wooden blocks. At first, they are able to stack two. Around 2 years old, they can stack six or seven and, around 3 years old, nine or ten. They enjoy stacking them as high as possible, dropping their construction and then starting over. Subsequently, children vary their way of playing by lining up three or four dinosaur building blocks to make a train. to see more from the Dinosaur building block set go to the Dino Block product page and learn how your kid can benefit from it.

Don't forget:

  • Construction games allow you to learn several things that will be useful to the child later.
  • It’s normal for your little one to enjoy destroying what has just been built.
  • The dino games models are the ones that develop the most creativity.
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