The Unstoppable kids’ Party trend. The Dinosaur Pinata

Apr, 2022
Dino Toys

Kids absolutely love dinosaurs and kids absolutely love pinatas, put these 2 together and what do you get?

The most popular, growing trend in America today for kids at parties or just for fun… the dinosaur pull string pinata! It’s a blast and it’s here to stay!

Although pinatas are mostly used for parties nowadays, traditionally, they were used for various ceremonies and religious events.  Surprisingly, the first pinatas didn’t come from Spain or some part of Latin America — pinata’s were first used in China, yes, can you believe it? China!

The Chinese used figures that were shaped like cows, oxen, and other farm animals. These piñatas were usually covered with symbols and colors that would increase the fruitfulness of the coming growing season. Each pinata would contain different kinds of seeds to be  planted after being recovered. After being smashed open, the piñata would be burnt, with the ashes retained for good luck.

Piñatas became popular in Mexico in the 16th century and today, the piñata has lost its religious symbolism and most participate in the game solely for fun. 

The dinosaur pinata is an amazingly growing trend and especially fun for children to play at parties. More and more theme birthday parties incorporate the undeniably popular dinosaur and since pinatas are such a growing trend, a birthday dinosaur pinata is a super hit among all the kids at the party.

Children will love taking turns trying to hit the dinosaur pinata to break it open so they can get the toys and all the sweet treats that fall to the ground.

To play the dinosaur pull string pinata game, hang the birthday dinosaur pinata in its designated place and have the guests stand in a single file line about 10 feet away.

Traditionally, to play the pinata game you blindfold the first child in line, gently spin them around three times, and give them a wooden stick so they can hit the dinosaur pinata.

If the children are preschoolers, the option of blindfolding can be dropped and you can just spin each child around and give them the opportunity to pull the string to open the trap door and release the goodies.

Although most people fill their piñatas with candy, they can also be filled with many other items. In Mexico, pinatas are often filled with a combination of wrapped candy, toys, and fruit. 

The pinata game can be the highlight of a party.  It is the perfect game for many kinds of parties because adults love them too! Birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, end of school parties, BBQs, spring and summer vacation parties or camp parties are just some of the options.

This trend of birthday dinosaur pinatas is growing like a dinosaur waiting to explode! What’s really cool is the fact that the trend is getting healthier, yes! So skip the sweets and try something else.

From cheap to eco friendly to even healthy pinata fillers there’s a spectrum of options that provide an alternative to candy filling. Many are great even for toddlers.

Which creative pinata filler will get your child excited at their next birthday party?

Keep your eyes out at garage sales and thrift stores for small plastic toys. This is an eco-friendly, budget-friendly way of giving new life to the plastic “junk” that is already out there. If you don’t always have time for this kind of shopping, make use of dollar stores, craft stores, and clearance bins. You can even order large quantities on-line to fill your dino pinata.

Here are 10 things to put in a children’s pinata other than those dreaded sweets, that kids will love.

1 .Small plastic dinosaurs of every type and variety. What could be more appropriate.
2. Pencils, plain or colored, there are so many types out there.
3. Hair bands, clips and bows.
4. Little jumping frogs
5. Finger puppets
6. Cheddar bunnies, a more healthy snack alternative
7. Stickers, just cut them up
8. Spinning tops
9. Small plastic toys
10. Fake jewelry that sparkles

Let your imagination take you on a dino adventure.

Have fun with this trend and the kids will be ecstatic! Your dinosaur theme party will be a hit they won’t stop talking about all year long.

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