Why dinosaur games are great for learning

Oct, 2021
Dino Toys

Whether it’s Godzilla, Barney, or Jurassic World, the world seems to have a soft spot for our ancient reptiles, and why not? They are majestic, mighty, and generally larger than life. The group that usually are fascinated by these dinosaurs the most are our children. It’s heartwarming when we see them light up like a light bulb when talking about a T-rex, or a Triceratops. This timeframe of our child’s life is a great window of opportunity to not only help them explore this attraction but to develop in them some long-lasting life skills. Dinomaniacs dinosaur games can be an effective bridge for mixing learning and enjoyment. Here are some important reasons why dinosaur games are great for learning:

They use interest to promote learning

Growing up in the world our children’s senses are flooded with plenty of things to stimulate them and peak their attention. The things that they pay the most attention to in their life will become their strongest interests. Many scientific studies have concluded that children learn more efficiently and effectively when their parents engage them with the things that interest them. We all want our beloved children to be interested and engaged with everything beneficial so we should make it a goal to invest the most time teaching them through their biggest influences. Is your child interested in dinosaur toys or games right now? Perfect! Dinomaniacs has a digging egg game and dino race track game that your child will have a wide range of fun and learning with many activities! The digging egg game allows them to become a paleontologist and our Dino race track game lets them build their dino jungle outpost.

It can be early exposure to science

Having visions of your child being a baby Einstein? I think we all have those dreams that our child will be a genius and do something great like solve world hunger! Every child has their strengths and weaknesses, so maybe that’s not in every kid’s future, but giving your child early exposure to science is a wise way to help them develop a hunger for learning. Science at its essence encourages people to explore their curiosity, inquire about the why, and use their brain to learn and solve problems. While every child will not be a super scientist, Dinomaniacs dinosaur toys for kids will help cultivate curiosity, exploration, inquiry, and problem solving, which science encourages. Included in each dino egg game are 12 informational cards, one for each dinosaur species to combine learning and fun.

Disarms their resistance to learning

At around 2 years of age, kids hit the stage that is infamously called…Terrible Twos! If you are familiar with this stage, you know that one of its familiar events is how a child learns to say no, and then repeat the process possibly thousands of times over time. This stage of life is helping them to become their own person. Still seeing the world as their playground, children in this stage still love to learn at this stage however they want to learn on their terms and are resistant to the learning parents want to give them. Games and toys are excellent to disarm their resistance to learning, mainly because they don’t feel forced to learn. All Dinomaniacs dinosaur toys for kids are STEM toys, which mean they are designed to mix play with learning.

Dinosaur games are great and can forge a path for our children to learn by piquing interest, exposing them to science early, and disarm their resistance learning. Are you ready to go dino?

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