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Aug, 2022

Have you ever noticed that as our kids grow older, their toys become more and more attractive to their dads?

For the most part, we’re not talking about their cuddly toys (that’s a whole different blog), it’s more about robot toys and robotics kits for teens.

Actually, the title of this blog is completely misleading because, quite honestly, I have no idea how to keep dad out of the kid’s robot toys. Really, it’s just wishful thinking on my part.

So what about those cool robot toys that dad can’t keep his hands off? 

You may have figured out that robot toys come in all shapes and sizes from simple cool robot toys to extremely complicated robotics kits for teens. It doesn’t seem to matter to Dad how easy or how hard they are to operate… if it’s robotic, it’s free game. 

Just recently, our kids (and dad) have become obsessed with Robotryx robots from Jitterygit.

According to the Jitterygit site, on the outer edge of the Earth’s galaxy is a planet rich in resources, called Knemesis. Knemesis was guarded by five valiant protectors: Snabglider, Tangryp, Cliffsling, Grindburst, and Zakarpian. 

One day Knemesis was invaded by the Drakians, and the five protectors were scattered to the farthest regions of Earth. 

To this day, secret Drakian troops roam the Earth in an attempt to destroy the protectors and to keep them apart. 

The Robotryx Guardians have ONE mission: to reunite and form the invincible, unstoppable, Garantron, in order to protect Earth from a Drakian takeover, and reconquer Knemesis.

Well… they had Dad at “valiant protectors”. Suddenly, this became the toy that “the kids” must have! 

And so, one by one, they have entered the house and every night, when the kids are asleep, dad sits down to play with (I mean inspect) these fantastic STEM toys.

VOLTROID is the fearless leader of the Robotryx Heroes Squad. He’s a crime-stopper by day and hero by night! He is a 245 piece police robot toy that can be built into a fierce K-9 and a high-tech police car.

SNABGLIDER is the brave commander of the Robotryx Guardians. 

He uses his speed and strength to pulverize his enemies. Snabglider was banished to Earth’s deepest canyons, but uses his cannon blasters to demolish anything that stands in his way.

CLIFFSLING is the brains of every operation. He’s strategic but fierce and an expert in secret, special missions. He was cast into Earth’s metallic icelands, but his hook and crane and power of genius penetrate the piercing cold.

GRINDBURST is a fiery character of absolute toughness, He is the muscle power of the protectors! He was thrown into Earth’s deepest, most dangerous volcano and he uses his drilling arm and fire missiles to break through the lava, stone, and dirt.

ZAKARPIAN is the enforcer of the Robotryx Guardians! He is relentless and ferocious. This guardian fell to the hottest of Earth’s deserts, but armed with laser vision and paralyzing poisonous darts, there is no enemy he cannot destroy.

So you may ask… how do I have all this information about the robot gang? It’s quite simple, really. When it’s dark outside and the kids are in bed and I sit down to some “me” time with my favorite show on Netflix… there he is! Dad’s got the robots out and is giving me the lowdown on their amazing skills!!!! Help…SAVE ME!

So in answer to my own rather silly question of:


The answer is that I haven’t got a clue and if anyone else knows, I’d be delighted for you to get in touch, day or night and let me know!


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