May, 2022
Stem Toys

You might be surprised to learn that magnetic building blocks have been labeled as one of the top stem toys for 3 year olds. Research has shown that when playing with magnetic block toys development of social skills, abstract thinking, creativity, mathematical thinking and literacy is vastly supported.

Magnetic blocks are a dynamic and frustration-free way to engage your young builder. As a welcome addition to any play area, magnetic dinosaur building blocks unlock your child’s power to explore, imagine, and create encouraging hands-on learning through play. 

If you are looking for something to inspire unlimited creative skills and to foster your child’s imagination, there’s nothing quite as positive as  playing with magnetic block toys.

So What are the Benefits of Magnetic Blocks?

Firstly, kids love them and when they love a certain toy they will play with them over and over again. They will find hundreds of ways to use them and combine them with their favorite toys such as their dinosaur figures to reach imaginative heights.

Additionally, magnetic building blocks offer children the opportunity to use and develop a whole range of skills. They are an open-ended construction toy that really gets your child thinking.

Here are some of the ways magnetic stackable toys contribute to your child’s developmental skills:

Spatial Reasoning - Your child will develop the ability to build two and three-dimensional shapes which allows them to visualize three-dimensional creations and learn about mathematical and spatial relationships. At first they may notice the difference between two stacks of blocks (i.e., one tower has more blocks than the other). As children get older, they may begin learning other math skills through block play.

Shape Recognition - This includes patterning skills & learning about symmetry.

Building and Construction Skills & Architecture - Kids find new and inventive ways to use blocks to create interesting types of construction such as barns, castles or a dog house.

Building Basic, Simple Machines - Ramps are a common childhood creation with blocks. They can be your child’s first introduction into gravity: ramp + hot wheels = extra acceleration.
Fine Motor Skills - Using blocks helps children develop basic dexterity that will aid them later in school and beyond.

Problem Solving Skills - Many challenges may arise that will require their problem-solving skills. For example, why does the structure keep falling over?

Sorting and Stacking Teaches Balance and Symmetry - Your child may not necessarily grasp the why, but he or she will quickly learn that stacking blocks in a certain way leads them to fall down.

Creativity and Imagination - Challenges the child's creative building and enhances cognitive processes.

Hand-Eye Coordination - They need to use small movements to connect the magnetic pieces. This strengthens eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.

Concentration - Your child's building progress takes practice, focus, and perseverance, all essential elements of developing powers of concentration.

Teaches Magnetic Principals - These blocks are an excellent first introduction to the fascinating world of magnets.

Open-Ended Constructive Play - While creating and building they are connecting and interacting with their environment with imagination and creativity.

Independent Play - These blocks are captivating enough that kids can independently experience the joy of building. Meanwhile, creating a masterpiece of their dreams without interruptions.

Perfect For Group Play - In a group, magnetic blocks for toddlers or older kids are fun and collaborative. Kids improve their social skills by learning to share and cooperate.

Quality Time With Your Child - Spending time together playing is essential. It helps children to feel more confident, secure, and builds stronger family bonds.

And last but not least: No Electronics - No Batteries - No Screens

It is so vital for kids to have time away from electronics. Magnetic stem toys for 3 year olds are fun and engaging so that kids look forward to the time away from the screen.

Need we say more?

In conclusion, magnetic building toys foster STEM skills in an intriguing and fun way for kids. Magnets are fascinating, and children naturally love exploring how things work. Children are curious, so they ask a lot of questions during play, which enhances their journey of discovery. Through magnetic play, they can experiment with math concepts like geometry, spatial reasoning, balance, scale, and symmetry. Additionally, magnetic toys for building offer an introduction to basic engineering and 3D construction.

Moreover, playing together with your child can vastly improve their social skills. Choosing to purposely develop social skills at an early age helps them learn to create relationships with other children that can lead to a greater chance of creating long lasting friendships.

Allow your child play, explore, experiment, discover, and create with DinoBlox

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