Jun, 2022
Stem Toys

Generally speaking kids simply love to receive presents especially when that gift equates to fun. However, for us, the givers, there is often a great deal of pressure when shopping for the ultimate choice. “Will they like my gift?” “Are these safe?” Will this toy provide any benefits to my child’s development?”  “He/she probably has one of these.” These are just some of the thoughts that may arise when hunting for that special item. Unlike years ago, we have the benefit of the insight of the internet to help us to find the very best  STEM learning toys that are not only fun and engaging but are also considered fundamental tools for a child’s development.

STEM learning toys make a great gift because they not only answer the question of will it be fun but they are designed to nurture and develop curiosity in every child. 

STEM gifts  are a great way to establish stronger bonds between a parent and their child, and establishing friendships between siblings, or friends of similar ages. 

Following are just some of the further benefits of these types of games and toys:

Learning becomes fun and interactive
Enhanced divergent thinking
Imbibes creativity
Imbibes creativity
Develops hand-eye coordination functions
Promotes spatial skills
Improves problem solving skills
Improves fine motor skills

Do your research into the correct toy according to your child’s physical and emotional age. When you purchase these toys you’ll notice that they have been divided into age groups. This avoids the unnecessary frustrations of a child receiving a toy or game which is too young or too old for them and makes picking the ideal toy for your child a lot easier. 

You’ll find this strategy particularly helpful if you are looking for a gift for a child who belongs to the ‘middle” childhood age group. . 

As you can see from the title, this article about STEM gifts is geared towards 10+ year olds. It’s important to introduce STEM toys for 10 year olds that are unique and that you expect will open a new world of fun learning for them. You can take kids with a certain hobby to a new level by introducing a STEM toy which will enhance their interests.  One more thing to consider when choosing STEM toys for 10 year olds in particular but not limited to, is their personal leanings towards science, technology, engineering and math. But think about it… the key elements of STEM are present in almost everything we do from sewing and cooking to architecture and interior design, and everything in between. 

We hope we’ve given you a great insight into how to choose the best STEM toys. Following is our hand-picked selection of 7 of the best STEM toys that a 10-year old child will simply love.

Terrarium Kit for Kids - Most kids will find terrariums fascinating. This is also one way for them to learn, in the most interesting way, how plants grow and how to properly care for them.

Dinosaur Train Tracks - Kids of all ages seem to be fascinated with dinosaurs. And when you combine them with train tracks… Now that is something that will get them hooked.

Building Blocks - These toys are classic and are THE go-to STEM toys. However you need to remember that for 10 year olds, you need to go for building blocks that are a tad challenging.

DIY Science Kit - There are several Science kits out in the market. These kits consist of different science experiments that are challenging and at the same time fun and engaging.

DIY Robots - Playing with toy robots can help in nurturing a child’s creative mind and is a great introduction to technology. Since this toy requires their full attention, it will also help them learn to focus.

Coding Starter Kits - Get your kids interested in coding. This toy will help raise their interest in Math, improve their problem solving skills, computational thinking and creativity.

Now that we have narrowed down your choices, all you have to do is go online and search for toy brands that make the best STEM toys mentioned above. Remember that STEM toys are not just for learning, but they are also very engaging for kids and parents. You will learn more about your child’s interests by getting involved in their day-to-day activities. Best of all, by providing them with the right tools, you will help boost their confidence in reaching their dreams!

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