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12 May, 2022


You might be surprised to learn that magnetic building blocks have been labeled as one of the top stem toys for 3 year olds.

20 Apr, 2022

Encuentra ahora nuestro increíble catálogo de juguetes en Walmart.

Todos los niños del mundo merecen la oportunidad de disfrutar aprendiendo. En JitteryGit trabajamos todos los días para hacer esto posible y, por esta razón, nos sentimos felices de...

16 Apr, 2022

How to promote your child’s development through playtime with STEM toys

STEM toys have come a long way from when we were kids. They now include everything from Stem Robot Kits, toys that teach coding, magna-tiles, doctor and anatomy sets,...

01 Apr, 2022

Robot Toys provide children with educational and social benefits

Robots are all about engaging kids socially and emotionally,” say child developmental experts.

25 Mar, 2022

The Best Easter Toy in 2022

Easter is coming! Easter is a fun holiday for children everywhere because there’s the promise of toys and candy from the Easter Bunny.

20 Feb, 2022

How to Play and Use a Dinosaur Pinata: A Fun How-To

Dinosaur pinatas are a fun way to celebrate a birthday or special event. They are also perfect for teaching kids about dinosaurs.

12 Feb, 2022

Cool and Fun Dinosaur Race Track Toys!

Your kids have enjoyed playing with dinosaur toys and games. Take them to the next level. Dinosaur race track toys are cool and fun to play with.

02 Feb, 2022

Best Dino Eggs to Play in 2022

Children’s eyes sparkle at the sight of dino eggs. They get so giddy and excited that they start to scream their hearts out. They grab those toys and ask...

18 Jan, 2022

Fun and Educational Dinosaur Kids Games

Kids dinosaur games are a lot of fun for both children and parents alike. But, they can be educational, too!

08 Oct, 2021

What everyone ought to know about dinosaur games and dinosaur fossils

t’s incredible how our children can light up our lives and become the apple of our eyes. Their happiness is our happiness, their sadness is our sadness, and we...

18 Aug, 2021

Why dinosaur games are great for learning

Whether it’s Godzilla, Barney, or Jurassic World, the world seems to have a soft spot for our ancient reptiles, and why not? They are majestic, mighty, and generally larger...

13 Aug, 2021

What dinosaur train toys can teach your child?

Dinosaur train toys from Dinomaniacs are a stimulating option for kids who have active minds. Not only are dinosaur track toys fun and great gifts for boys, but more...

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