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Set of 6 fossilized Dino Eggs along with 6 chisel and brush sets. Perfect for additional party guests or extra DIY activities with your little one.

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Dinosaur Eggs are a must-have for any family with young children. Dinos Eggs is a perfect activity for kids to engage in dynamic play and hands-on learning. You can never have too many dinosaur activities, and this Extras pack is ideal when you are running low from your original Dinos Eggs set. Or, this set comes in handy for birthday parties with more than 12 children, this way you can have enough for all of your guests! No matter what the occasion, this set adds to the fun and excitement.

With Dinos Eggs, children will dig their way to discovery. As your little archaeologists scrape, brush, and chip away at their egg, they will soon discover which dinosaur species awaits them inside.

Dinosaur Eggs




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