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I am a fearless warrior, My name is


628 reviews

A battle equipped toy robot that comes with 221 pieces. Tangryp’s pieces include multiple individually shaped bricks. The vibrant colors of this robot toy along with the diversity of this set will ignite a world of creativity.

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Endless Imagination For Your Child

This faithful soldier never backs down. Tangryp’s fire blaster and mighty claw give him everything he needs for battle. He also converts into a powerful bulldozer and a mutant gorilla. He uses his forceful gorilla grip and all of his artillery to complete every mission.

Construct - Engage - Create

A World Of Endless Possibilities and Imagination

Every Robotryx toy is made from premium quality material that has been tested by the Consumer Product Safety Commision (CPSC). ROBOTRYX building bricks are made from non-toxic materials and are BPA free. They are durable and easy to clean. Everyone of our robots is made of vibrant colors and includes pieces that are fully jointed and have a wide-range of 360° movement.

The Robotryx robots were created around a STEM learning system. Every one of the robots are designed with the “BUILD - UNDO - REBUILD” model. When your child plays with the Robotryx toys, they are developing new cognitive skills, problem-solving techniques, and new levels of creativity. This mode of play has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety and improve attention span. The Robotryx toys are also designed to sharpen fine motor skills. We know how important it is to keep a child’s interest and curiousity peaked, that is why we created robots that are versatile and exciting. We believe play time should be a time to grow!



Building your robots with your kids is so simple. Follow the instructions in the PDF file above. Download it and have fun.

628 reviews for Tangryp

  1. Jas Uppal

    Easy to assemble good value for money and instructions well written

  2. Kofi Oppong

    Easy to build , good value.

  3. Sam

    Good gift

  4. Aimi-Louise

    I bought this for my boys and they loved it

  5. GracieB

    Brought as a gift for 7 year old who enjoys Lego and building and he loves it.

  6. Gemma brown

    Easy assemble. My boy loved it

  7. sashi kumar kona

    My 6 year old son loved it

  8. BM

    My 7 year old loved building it, kept him occupied for hours. Pieces are very small but that did pose a problem for him

  9. Csaba Acs-kovacs

    Great product.

  10. Nadine

    Easy to assemble value for money

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