Become an archaeologist as you dig for dino eggs with this set of “fossilized” eggs, each with a unique dinosaur inside. Every dinosaur comes with a matching informational card. With this dino eggs toy, the dinosaurs come to life!

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Digging Your Way to Discovery!

An archaeological digging set of 12 dinosaur eggs. Discover what species awaits inside each egg by chipping away at the egg with the included chisel and brush sets. Dino’s Eggs includes everything you need for a fun-packed activity: a dozen dino eggs--with dinos enclosed, 12 chisels and brushes, 12 informational cards--one for each dinosaur species.

Play and Learn!

We developed this set as a STEM toy, to bring together play time with learning. Dino’s Eggs is designed to be a dynamic and engaging game. Your child will develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, critical thinking skills, and so much more. Engage your child’s curiosity and creativity as soon as they begin playing.


1Chip away at your dino egg to discover which dino species is inside

2Match your hatchling with the educational card to learn all about this dino

3Have a Blast!

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