Build your own outpost in a prehistoric jungle! This dino toy kit comes with a fully flexible track that can be arranged in as many ways as you can imagine. This box set includes heavy duty trucks, bridges, cages, trees, dino toys and more!

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This is the best dino toy, complete with a heavy duty crate full of fun. Your child can create a jungle outstation among the dinosaurs. They can set up an extensive track, and change the shape every time. The track runs over slopes and hanging bridges, wooden overpasses, and through gates and cages. Set up trees and dinosaurs to bring this place to life! Plus, Dino’s Track comes with two battery powered 4x4’s that will tread on the track at high speed.

A New Experience Every Time You Play

Your child will be able to use their creativity and problem-solving skills every time they play. This track can be completely disassembled into 144 individual pieces, so that your child can use building and engineering, and motor skills while they play. With a durable box and flexible track pieces, this game will be a long-time favorite.


1Build a Track - if you can imagine it, you can build it.

2Create Your Outpost - setup trees, bridges, and cages for your Dinos to explore.

3Fire Up Your 4x4’s - your trucks’ heavy duty tires will grip perfectly on the track.

4Let Your Creativity Go Wild.

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