Introducing the Construction Race Track The Key to Sharpening Your Child’s Critical Thinking

Aug, 2022
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Depending on who you ask, the concept of critical thinking can be easy or hard to understand. As we prefer to keep things simple, we’ll give you the quick breakdown of critical thinking and allow you to do further research if you so desire. So here goes:

Critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and rationally and understand the logical connection between ideas. For instance, the ability to recognize fake news😆

Why Do Children Need to Develop Critical Thinking Skills?

In today’s ever changing world, it’s not enough to be able to learn parrot-fashion. Repeating a list of facts is not going to get them far. They need to be critical thinkers with the skills to make sense of the information they receive, to analyze, compare, contrast, make inferences and to generate higher order thinking skills. In fact, learning to think critically may be one of the most important skills that today’s children will need for the future.

Critical Thinkers Don’t Don’t Accept Things at Face Value

• They rigorously question ideas and assumptions rather than accepting them at face value.

•They seek to determine whether the ideas, arguments and findings represent the whole picture.

•They can identify, analyze and solve problems systematically rather than by intuition or instinct.

How does this help them in their future lives?

Basically, critical thinking requires you to use your ability to reason. It’s about being an active learner rather than a passive recipient of information.

Follow these  tips to help your child build a firm foundation for critical thinking:

• Provide opportunities and quality toys for play. Building with blocks, role acting with friends, or playing board games all build children’s critical thinking.

• Don’t rush them. It is essential you allow your child ample time to think, attempt a task, or generate a response. By giving them this time, they are able to refine and reflect on their response and not respond with the first thing that comes into their head.

• Don’t intervene immediately.  Kids need challenges to grow. Wait and watch before you jump in to solve a problem.

• Ask open-ended questions. Instead of simply responding directly with the answer to your child’s question, help them to think critically by asking them questions in return. Questions such as: “What ideas do you have? What do you think is happening here?” Show respect for their response regardless of whether you view it as correct or not. You could respond with something like “That is interesting. Tell me why you think that.”

• Help them develop hypotheses. Start the conversation by saying “If you do this, what do you think will happen (what will be the consequence)” Allowing them a moment to form hypotheses during play is a critical thinking exercise that helps develop these essential skills. 

• Encourage thinking in new and different ways. By allowing them to think differently, you’re encouraging them to hone their creative problem solving skills. Ask questions such as, “What else could we try?” or “Let’s think of all the possible solutions.”

There are many toys available that can help your child enhance their critical thinking and these include:

• Construction Track Playset – Constructing a track which will safely bring your vehicles home includes engineering, consideration, planning and spatial skills

• Jenga – Plan in advance and be able to see the results of the following moves

• Pattern Play Blocks – To promote pattern recognition, strategy and spatial skills.

• 3D Pens – Requires consideration and planning to draw 3D objects.

• Brain Teasers – Promote problem solving and creative thinking

• Marble Run Game – Promotes problem solving, geometry, and science skills which are all needed to create a successful build.

Today, we’re going to concentrate on our new favorite, the construction race track! Construction Track Playsets have it all. There are track sets in all kinds of themes and materials. They have a large price range and can be suitable for all age groups. By having to set up the tracks for themselves, children are in the position to make many critical decisions based on math, physics, & more and to understand the consequences of said decisions. 

• What length to make the track? 

• How high to make the incline?

• What bridges to use? 

• And so much more in order to get their maximum enjoyment from the game. 

They can decide which of their vehicles they want to incorporate into their imaginary play and what other models and figurines from other toys they can utilize to make the very best race track game ever. 

Say for example that your child has a particular penchant for dinosaurs. What could be better than setting up their race track with jeeps, game wardens, trees and of course their favorite dinosaurs. In this case we are happy to invite you to visit JiggeryGit to find a great glow in the dark construction race track that comes with everything you need for a dinosaur safari of a lifetime.

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